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Better roofing tiles?


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We all know that nobody likes to make blue or fire clay tiles. Sitting in once spot churning grid after grid of clay for an hour or more. I ask that a new roofing variant be introduced, with a form of mass production. 

The first tile I would ask for is the Monk & Nun tile, and the second is the Pantiles, you can google search more images of these! Now we don't want new people to start mass-producing roofing, that would take all of the fun out of the progression. We're in luck because in real life, these would require some late game methods! The machine I would like to propose is a Tile Press, similar to a Gutenberg book press. You place a mold in it, click on it with some clay to fill it, then hold down your button to run the press, creates the tiles in one easy push. This machine could require a player to use a metal chisel to craft. 

The tiles themselves in real life the clay would be fired at above 1,400 F to remove molecular water. This would need be done in the iron age kiln or even a brand new construct.  This high temperature mass manufacturing being both realistic and keeping it into the later stage of game progression. Perhaps one similar to real life would need to use an artificially crafted clay, and the benefit for the extra steps would be a greater amount of finished clay tile blocks per batch.

It would be a major bonus if the tiles could have a 3d model rather than just a block, though I could see issues with people being unable to form pre-modeled roofing to their homes. Currently regular blocks are easy to chisel into any desired roofing shape. 



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