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Clay roof homestead with outdoor smithy


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I'm ~50 hours into this world, I have iron, waterwheel tech, and I'm ready to start getting blister steel ingredients together. I have Gen 2 sheep, had a good supply of rabbits but go sick of the males killing the babies and trying to organize them so killed them all. I have ~60 berry bushes in a fenced area on the other side of the house. To the right I have planted plots of Oak, Pine, Birch, and Maple so I don't have to travel far for wood. The patch of flowers is my collection of flowers in preparation for the beehives I'm setting up soon. There is a two block deep pit around my crops, it is an effective source of meat almost every morning. As you can see on my minimap, my method of mining is to go to the corners of chunks, put in a bucket of water, and dig to bedrock while making updates and notes on the map of what that hole contains. It's been fairly effective, especially when coupled with wide area prospecting. I can't stress enough, I love this game!







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