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  1. @LocoMiner When you put the 1.1.1 mod in and loaded your world, did you do: /fixmapping applyall Just interested if it makes a difference for you. This fixed the Log spam issue I was seeing.
  2. @AstralVoid It is my understanding that when the program detects a change in blocks due to an update/mod it automatically asks if you want to create a backup and perform a remap, doing this in an existing world after introducing this mod performed the backup process, then nothing. It didn't remap. I need to parse the logs, but I'm sure there was an exit somewhere due to an error. Edit: @Niker323 the client-main log is 197MB of: 20.1.2021 12:16:21 [Warning] Texture asset 'd:textures//vintagestory/vintage story v1.14.2/assets/survival/textures/item/resource/temporalgear.png'
  3. From what I can see in-game, you can produce: Wire (each metal type), Coil, Battery, Electric Chisel, Wrench, Engine Shaft, Generator Shaft, Wire Mold (Raw & Fired), Capacitor (Low, Medium & High), Charger, Connector, Cable, Engine, Furnace, Relay, Rotary Generator, Forge, Water Wheel. It introduces an energy type called TF that can be produced using the rotary generator with the water wheel. This and other mods could expand on this premise now that this groundwork is laid.
  4. @Draconic_ @Susel_de_Baibak @LocoMiner @l33tmaan @Niker323 So I was having the same issue, so I went to Niker323's github to check out the recent commits and so I opened up the original 1.1.0 zip that I downloaded from the link he posted above: and I compared it to what is on his Github, and noticed a number of files missing, so I downloaded them from his repo and repackaged 1.1.0: And now I'm not seeing any of those issues in my world: I know you can do this yourself, but I've attached my repack in case you want it. I'm sure @Niker323 will fix it in h
  5. I'm ~50 hours into this world, I have iron, waterwheel tech, and I'm ready to start getting blister steel ingredients together. I have Gen 2 sheep, had a good supply of rabbits but go sick of the males killing the babies and trying to organize them so killed them all. I have ~60 berry bushes in a fenced area on the other side of the house. To the right I have planted plots of Oak, Pine, Birch, and Maple so I don't have to travel far for wood. The patch of flowers is my collection of flowers in preparation for the beehives I'm setting up soon. There is a two block deep pit around my crops, it i
  6. I really enjoy the Monty Python'ish peasant dialogue of your manuals, just a really fun and greatly needed mod overall, thank you!
  7. @Rhonen Thank you! Modifying these values is exactly what I needed. Sorry I didn't explain myself better.
  8. @LocoMiner I couldn't get it to work either. I tried with the new 7z and zip that are posted. So I repackaged it myself and it is working now. Please try and lmk if works for you too. ClothesCraftingMk2.zip
  9. On 3.3.3, I cannot get over 45% efficient on breastshot, even in a creative test world. Is this intentional or am I doing something wrong? Update: Sorry, my misunderstanding! I read the guide in-game and I see those are the set values for efficiency. I was confused because in your videos I saw them at 60% for breastshot. 45% is very low, it is hardly worth it to get this as it will run a helvehammer sooooo slow at that speed. And I see with the steel that you have to put into it now (ouch) you can't reach 100% even utilizing overshot with flumes and steel hatch. Then we are going t
  10. As long as I can leash baby rabbits with the homesteading update, we're all good.
  11. For the purposes of 'curing' compost, is the speed of curing slowed down by being put in chests or other storage that gives a ~x.054 modifier to aging? I see the 'compost bin' slows down the speed of composting for 'other', is curing compost considered other? Perhaps putting hot/cooling/curing compost in the compost bin can give it a speed modifier to becoming the final 20% compost? I love it as is, but am unsure of how to get compost to cure at a uniform speed...put it in my backpack? Chest? Barrel?
  12. 3 days, 3 releases, this is one of the hardest working Dev teams I've ever seen.
  13. Wow, yeah that was a mess. Wish I'd have known that before I pumped hundreds and hundreds of dry grass into it, lol
  14. @jakecool19 This new release has fixed the issue @l33tmaan was describing above, at least for my game it did. I am having an issue now where the hopper hooked up to a trough empties the hopper completely, even if the trough is full. Doesn't matter how it's hooked up to the trough, dried grass, oats, whatever, it will absorb it into the void.
  15. Fantastic! Thank you very much, Tyron! And keep up the great work. I look forward to every release of this epic game.
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