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VSMonitor: Basic game server monitor and remote access console.

Milo Christiansen

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VSMonitor is a simple (AKA, rather crude) server monitor for Vintage Story.

For those who do not know, a server monitor is a program that keeps track of a server, and restarts it if it crashes or otherwise goes down. This particular example has the following features:

  • Restart the server automatically if it exits with an error (non-zero exit code).
  • Provides a bridge of sorts between secure websockets and the server's standard input/output
  • Serves a very simple (crude even) HTML UI for interacting with the server over the websocket.

The monitor will automatically get an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt and serve the UI on the standard HTTPS port if you tell the monitor your domain name when starting it. If you only want to run the monitor locally, it will use unsecured HTTP (this is the default if you just run the monitor with no options). If you want you can provide your own SSL certificate, in which case you can choose what port to run the monitor on as well. The package has a readme with configuration instructions.


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