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  1. I'm making use of the game's block variant system combined with the texture overlay system. Each side is a layer of three textures. The "main" texture, and two overlay transition textures. All of this is standard block definition functionality, leading the code to define all this to be quite short and simple. However, internally this produces one "block" per variation which leads to (quite) a few thousand blocks. The vast number of consumed internal block IDs is probably why this was never implemented in the base game. (note that I'm assuming Tyron never changed the way blocks are handled internally, it could work a bit differently now) It could be done without consuming so many block slots, but that would require a block entity per brick block which is less than ideal in some ways. It probably wouldn't actually be a performance issue, but eh... Making the blocks take on the proper type when placed is trivial, I simply use a block behavior that checks the surroundings when placed and changes the block into the correct variant.
  2. I added a new version that corrects for the mod base class rename and the world rotation change that happened at some point.
  3. It looks like it was never updated when the name of the mod base class changed. I'll take a look at the code when I go in to work and should have a working version this afternoon.
  4. The code for this is pretty simple, it is unlikely that any of the core code is broken in any major way. If it doesn't work getting it working again is probably a matter of renaming a function or two. The zip file actually includes the source code (the block behavior is shipped as an uncompiled class that the game will then compile on the fly).
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  9. I was very tempted to vote "mechanical power" for all three
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