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  1. @RainbwCakesDeath You are now whitelisted, have fun!
  2. @Fulgen You are now whitelisted! Go forth and lower the wolf population!
  3. @Cout970 You are now whitelisted, have fun!
  4. No, and no. Chiseling is now a vanilla feature, although there isn't a recipe for the chisel yet.
  5. @Rastrick You are now whitelisted, have fun!
  6. I was very tempted to vote "mechanical power" for all three
  7. @Sky You are now whitelisted! Try to avoid the wolves!
  8. @Daniele Gabrielli You are now whitelisted, go play!
  9. Uploaded a new version that fixes an issue with loading on 1.6, and removes the redundant .online command.
  10. @Matthew Rozycko You are now whitelisted, go have fun!
  11. @Tyron Whitelisted on the condition that you add mechanical power in the next major update
  12. @Scoop You are now whitelisted, [something witty here].
  13. @Bobtank You are now whitelisted, watch out for wolves!
  14. @4d2d You are now whitelisted, have fun!
  15. I absolutely love that mini-stonehenge in the garden.
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