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Da ich mich im RL damit gehörtige, hier ein paar vorgesteuert für die 1.15


Obstbäume sollte in Gererationen anpflanzbar sein. Das heißt ein komplexes Veredelystem muss her. Edelreißer werden im Dezember bis März je nach sorte geschnitten, dann im Keller in Sand gelagert. Diese gehören dann die Obstbäume veredeln. Ebenfalls wäre ein Baumschnitt zur Pflege super. Als gängige Rechte:

Apfel, Birne, Kirsche / Sauerkirsche / Kornelkirsche, Pflaume / Zwetschge

Pfirsich / Aprikose, Orange / Pampelmuse, Dattel, Kokos, Banane, Feige (müssen nicht veredelt werden werden ich weis)


Kletternde und rankende Beeren sind auch super. Auch ein Klettergerüst als Pergola?

Wein, Kiwi, Brombeere, Himbeere


Die betreffenden Johannis Beerensorten werden als Stämmchen aufgepfropft werden können.


Boden und Pflegen haben dann die Ertrag / Nährwert / Lagerung. Bäume behalten aber auch bei schlechter Pflege Krank werden können und später absterben.


Ach so, im RL sind Waschbären sehr gut Organisierte Plünderer sterben sehr gut klettern können und komplette Weinberge Raiden. Hier müssen man nachjustieren. Gefallen im Gegenzug eine Option dem Herr zu werden. Auch ein Jägerhochstand in dem Mann getarnt ist wär doch Super.


"Entschuldigt die Chaos Grammatik, hier verbessert und überetzt das system automatisch, ....und das falsch"

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You might have seen that this forum is on english and not even your german does make sense most of the post, if your post was automatically translated, it would have been better to translate into english instead.


back to the topic of fruit trees. tbh i don't think we'd need any complex grafting mechanic for now, creating such may take too much efford for the little gain for implementing it in this update. implementing fruittrees itself for now would be a big undertaking already (think about all the textures needed, new wood and leaf types for example). The earliest fruit tree domestications where more or less just stick a sapling in the ground and wait for it to grow and i think for the purpose of the game that is sufficient for now (else woodcutting etc would have to be reworked completely too or fruit trees would have to get a whole new system instead of reusing the existing tree mechanics)

a climbing growths mechanic though would be a huge plus, as it could be applied not only to raspberries, blackberries and wine both in the upwards and downwards direction but vines and moss too, maybe we could get ivy for decorating or corals in an ocean update later that could use the same mechanic?

I'm not sure what you meant with the racoons, but if i had to guess you wanted to say they would be way better climbers irl than the ones implemented? which is true, on the other side securing every field, beekeeping operation etc. in a greenhouse to make it racoon safe instead of just a fence may be too much hassle for the gameplay gained. don't forget the default VS day is only less than 1/60 of a realtime day and racoons are not as devastating pests irl (they may raid a vineyard but most stealing of grapes is done by humans and birds) as in VS, implementing it in the way that a simple fence and lightsources will keep your yield safe from them is imo a good compromise.

high seats are imo not part of a homesteading update, more something for a wildlife and hunting update and the mechanic you proposed doesn't make any sense, you aren't camouflaged in them, you just have a better viewing angle onto animals than they onto you, like humans most non flying animals only think in little more than 2D (the plane they are on plus a small angle above/under it, if there is something leading the eye, an arrow pointing down, a ladder on the wall, a deep crevise the angle might become more steep), some animals living in trees take more time perceiving the area under them, but apart from some birds, other flying animals and maybe predators, whose prey lives in trees, nearly nothing really actively perceives things happening above them, that's the biggest bonus you have in a high seat, and with the detection radii VS uses something like that is already implemented, if you pillar up high enough nothing will detect you while you will still be able to see everything...

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