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  1. There are aged wooden log blocks, i assume that's what was meant. Though I'm not sure if them being old would be a good or bad thing.
  2. Even though I think scenario 2 is more likely, it shouldn't mess up food spoilage, crops, pit kilns, char coal pits etc as that seems depended on the length of an ingame hour only with fixed values of either how many hours ingame went on or how many times got the crop randomly ticked with those ticks being depended on speed of the game time only. Hence in term to skip a single winter you might have to play several years with shorter months... Settling closer to the equator might be more helpful... You could of course speed up time and/or calendar time to skip winter without many problems, apart from food spoiling really fast, as long as the players don't do much while waiting they shouldn't starve to death while time sprints... time speed and calendar time multiplier are only changed going forward and have little potential to backfire when changing them mid game. Or you could lower the treshold for seraphs freezing, disable harsh winters, enable underground farming and enjoy the wintery landscape.
  3. I'm pretty certain what they gave you was a home brewed absinthe (I know some Swiss and French still distill privately according to old recipes from before it got regulated, not unlikely that some Austrians do it too), the store bought absinthe usually has double the alcohol than most whiskys and vodkas (had some 77 vol%, may have been 88 vol% idk anymore, absinthe once, but I liked another absinth's taste, with way less alcohol better) but the store bought stuff is regulated in it's thujone concentration, ever since the absinthe ban has been lifted. Never saw a 40% absinthe yet, the lightest I saw was 50something vol%. Why do I think it was absinthe and not another spirit? Because to my knowledge it's the only type of spirits that had been banned at one point in Europe, leading to a underground brewing culture similar to what happened in the US through their prohibition period, and with it being regulated in thujone concentration since it got allowed again, that never fully went away. Even though the thujone seemingly never having been the halucinogetic it has been claimed to be. It could have been some Aquavit (has to have at least 37.5 vol% after mixing the raw ingredients, one of which is a spirit with 96vol% another an extract of caraway) too, but I do not know that stuff got a bigger home brewing scene. On the other side You don't have to distill yourself to make aquavit yourself... Yeah maybe it was rather home mixed aquavit (which is a type of schnapps but not the same as Aqua Vitae)... Aqua Vitae was the term used for anything watery with high concentration of alcohol which still wasn't considered pure or rectified ethanol (so basically anything between just shy of 25vol% and around 90something vol%). It's basically an umbrella term for any distillate but became more specifically the umbrella term for distilled alcoholic beverages. Aqua Vitae seems to not need to be able to be consumed safely by humans, while Schnapps is meant to be consumed? Additionally if we get something like potions (planned) and alchemy (not on the roadmap) the term Aqua Vitae would fit better, but if we'd only get potions it wouldn't matter if its spirits / schnapps / aqua vitae. Hence it being called Aqua Vitae might hint on the intend of implementing limited alchemy...
  4. I don't think I can follow... The world data should already be what you ask for...
  5. I'd say not 4 but the whole layer same as when there is already a pile (it's 8 with firewood, 12 or 16 with shingles...)
  6. Actually you need less than that, over the medieval era they just put meat on hooks hung in the chimney and as they cooked (and / or heated the room) it got smoked over time, additionally that meat was kept safe off the ground, animals weren't able to get to it. My suggestion would be a dedicated rack that holds up to 4 stacks of meats (could have a model showing some meat products on hooks depending on the occupied slots or just an empty and a filled model) and when there is either a burning fire pit or oven or pit kiln or really anything producing smoke particles under it with between 1 and 4 blocks of air in between rack and source of smoke, the degradation of the meats is simply halted. It could work as a drying rack in addition and the smoke would accelerate the process.
  7. The biggest difference is the schematic is rather clearly made by a person not an algorithm, the fact that the world file is mostly procedurally generated can mean that copyright laws might not be applicable (but that depends on the court and if they deem the additions done by players significant enough). Another one is: a separate schematic file could easily be compared with another, without the help of additional programs, just a viewer program or copying both into an empty world would suffice, and if both are identical the one that got uploaded first does have a huge advantage when it comes to bragging rights (or legally defending your copyrights). And of course there is little clicks gained by just showing a schematic, you would have to insert it into a world and terraform around it to make it fit nicely (meaning malicious content creators do need to put in some effort if they want to show your work as being theirs), sadly that same can't be said for automated machinery later on. Additionally such a partially encrypted/signed schematics file that can only be used with the added file stating its game version, name and creator could be implemented easier than overhauling how the game handles world files, and even if that protection gets lost when copied into a world after which one could generate a new schematic from the world's content, it means it is some (alas not much) work to do, taking some (alas not much) time and deter the laziest of copycats from taking one creator's content as their own (again some MC Youtubers are known to just use the original world download for their content not crediting the actual creator) especially if there is kinda some central database where the schematics would be registered / hosted for download. Atm, from my little understanding of worldedit, you can select an area and export it as a file and later import it into the same or other worlds. This feature could be expended on into giving the player the option to export as an official schematic which than would prompt the player to name it, after stating a name the game would save it as an encrypted file (similar to a password protected archive) adding another file as the key (automatically assigning player name as the creator, but there might just be an optional text input for another person, and game version, possibly even active mods). For importing the official schematic you then would have to have the according key file next to it. This way you can still just copy-pasting something around but if you want to make it public in the official schematic database you'd need to make it an official schematic.
  8. Hal13

    Wooden cart

    That isn't the suggestion though. And in the long run the devs need to figure out how to handle multiblock veicles and mobs anyway, hence coming up with ideas leading to it and how it could work might be useful for them. That hasn't been suggested until now (until now it was about chests and other bigger containers), but I like that idea for a downsized cart / wheelbarrow... My idea would have been to just make it only 1 slot for a standard placeable container.
  9. The problem is: either that file is not needed to use the data inside the world file and it is possible to download the world, copy the desired builds over into another world and circumvent the old world file that way or the file would be needed to use the data inside the world file and that data would get corrupted when copied to another world... As in the latter case there is way too much possibility for a bug to corrupt/destroy world files I highly doubt something like that will be implemented, meaning if anything the first option would be pursued, but as that doesn't provide any safety I doubt many will bother with using it. Mods are written code and coding is kinda like handwriting, you don't really need a special watermark inside the (bigger) mod as the way you write your code is the watermark, people don't change the way they write midsentence and as such hard breaks in the way it is written can indicate parts of the code not originally from the person writing the rest. Else you can just test the persons knowledge of the code, someone who only reuploaded it usually doesn't have the firm understanding what is doing what inside their mod (something you usually can expect the original author who has put dozens to hundreds of hours into writing and bug fixing it will likely know). Additionally code is a more clear case under copyright laws. On the other hand world files are mostly procedurally generated, as such you'd have to find the parts made by someone first, then you'd have to try to prove it's not their creative work, which is difficult as in the cases where it may count, content creators and commercial servers making ad revenue of of it, you either have no way to get their file for comparison (which means word against word until a judge decides it has to be compared which is really not an easy case, meaning the original creator might need to invest more money into defending their creative property than they might get for its use) or get them to confess having it stolen or bought from someone who might have stolen it... And then you'd need people in the justice system versed enough in art and video games to even open a copyright case, which could fail because it might fall under fair use depending on the amount of work put into presenting it etc. There are relatively big Minecraft Youtubers (partially with a few million subs) making tutorials for or show casing other people's builds (most often technical builds as those are the ones people might want to replicate), without crediting properly or even bragging about having invented that thing themselves, while clearly copying a block by block tutorial of an actual redstoner, partially fans of those thieves then go and attack the original creators for "stealing the contraption" even though the video they comment on is (partially years) older than the tutorial they saw. Sure that is less of a problem at this point looking at VS, but it shows that it's a problem that could come to VS creators too. A schematic of a build could be better (legally) protected (it's rather clearly made by a person, it's not part of another work of art that may not be possible to protect, ...) and easier identified and tracked, it may even be possible to add junk code with a watermark only visible when not just copy-pasting the file's content (similar to comments in a program's code), additionally the file size would be way smaller, outside of creative you'd still have to build it and even in creative you'd still need to modify the terrain around it to incorporate the build into your world, meaning you'd actually would have to put some work into it. Hence a database for schematics might be a more useful thing to make.
  10. Re-uploading a mod is possible, but not without much work. Other than the world file which is mostly procedurally generated, a mod's code has way more content to identify the original author, it's rather easy to prove who made the mod (if the mod exceeds a certain size) and who just reuploaded it. Even with a simple reskin or remodel mod there could be some hidden signature / water mark in/under the texture or inside the model or other marking. As such a reuploaded mod can get taken down again rather quickly. But with world files it may be rather easy to just purge all text from signs via a command, changing a few blocks here and there or copy the desired building to another world, so it is technically worked upon / added to the other creator's work, clearly not the same world... But yes, as long as there is no money to be made with it, it might be possible to keep up a honor system. Though schematics (which you can copy / paste in creative if i'm not mistaken) might be the better way to go as they wouldn't be as bloated and could be added into other worlds. Additionally there are less incentives to reupload a mod, a player can brag easily with a cool build and basically anyone might be impressed by it, but the only people who really could be impressed by a mod are other modders... Thinking about this angle, there is money to be made with world files, content creators make money by impressing people with their builds commercial multiplayer servers make at least some money by luring in new players for which they need impressive builds...
  11. The good news is: world configuration commands, seed and such are in the world file(s) and wouldn't be needed to be stated. And it IS already possible to share world files if one wanted to do it. The bad news is: builders are fond of their creations and technically there are rights involved with those, the server admin sharing world files, without the builders who built it consenting to share it, can get messy or even pull apart the scene, especially as it's easy to copy the world, change its name and re-upload it as one's own. Stolen content, like adventure maps and skins, being sold might be the biggest problem with Minecraft's marketplace, hence Idk wanting something like that market place (refering to comicbookguy here) for VS seems to not really help the argument.
  12. I mean there is some kind of skill leveling system planned to be implemented, hence i don't really think such a basic crafting method will be changed before then. Such a system could come with options to set a fixed level for something like knapping, though I think those will be likely modded features (similar to skill leveling being a modded feature at this point) or options done through commands. Idk, maybe at the highest skill level for knapping you'd knapp big areas instead of single voxels and as you can't make mistakes in the knapping minigame that will a) make knapping large quantities of things less tedious (without it being instantaneous) and b) would make knapping something people might still do long into the metal ages (for completionist's sake to get the level to its maximum or as it still would be a viable option, similar to how i use stone knifes up to the point when i don't have to care for how much ore i have laying around).
  13. Seraph are no humans, as decided by the community, as such it shouldn't be surprising that they'll get features added that differentiate them from humans, especially when some things were/are clearly placeholders, like the hurt sound. Btw I tried finding the old voice, but there seems to not have been one (apart from the generic hurt sound which is likely a place holder as it sounds like most generic 90s video game hurt sounds)? But i only tested 1.12 to 1.16 for a few minutes each right now to look for it. I can't remember, how did it sound (or how was it triggered)?
  14. It is a nice idea, but the game does not actually use the voxel models for most crafted items. Which means most of the mods still would be needed as the mods provide the actual 3d model not only the crafting recipe.
  15. Hal13

    Wooden cart

    That's what i wrote, rendering it is likely no problem... But you'd have to shrink the cart to being a mere wheelbarrow of about a block size or new code for handling entities wider/longer than a block is needed (how to determine if some block is in the way, how to handle step up/down, ...). I mean you could write some code making a cart consisting of a hit box for each of its wheels (with their centers at fixed distances from each other) and another one for the cart itself (which is based in the centers of the wheel's hitboxes and the model itself only uses this hitbox to figure out its orientation), and set some rule that no wheel hit box may be higher or lower than half a block than any other or it counts as not supporting the cart... something like that... Making something like this work is likely the problem which needs to be overcome before we get any multiblock vehicle/creature.
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