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  1. As drifters can spawn anywhere in temporal storms, even in midair, but not inside of blocks the only completely safe way is that chiseled cell Craluminum has shown. Though that big is luxurious.
  2. Because it's not only a save game (the game has no saved games only worlds you play in)? And save games only make sense for single player gameplay, but the game isn't designed to be exclusively singleplayer, therefore you'd have to implement different structures for singleplayer and multiplayer worlds, which would mean no more opening the single player world to play multiplayer on it and vice versa. You can set your respawn point anywhere, why have a quicksave option? There is no gameover, death is only a minor setback.
  3. That strongly depends on weather, surroundings and several other factors. Most seem to be rather blind in the dark needing some lightsource, while others (like me) see good in the dark but get blinded easily even by normal amounts of daylight... But these experiences are not necessarily applicable for the game as the player characters are not human. But you can change the gamma settings to have less dark nights, and it could be a screen issue too, depending on which screen i play i have to adjust that setting for the graphics to look good.
  4. hm... quiver for spears and arrows, toolbelt that takes only tools, some food pouch that takes only foods, backpacks made out of cloth and/or leather with varying amounts of slots, maybe upgradeable...
  5. I'd guess the old behavior of right click with torch to light the fireplace will get removed when they rework the fireplace, when ovens etc will be added. Did you look into the bug tracker on github if it is on it already? EDIT: Not on the tracker, added it:https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues/issues/806 added the torch pick up too: https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues/issues/807
  6. And as I wrote you are correct with that, only the sneak+right click behavior of torches seems still intended
  7. The first is intented afaik, because sneak+right click is using the torch to set things on fire (or try it), a mechanic that's only wrong for fireplaces (and should be changed accordingly). You can let go of sneak to place the torch though as long as you don't move you won't fall.
  8. other than that bottom slabs or other surfaces that are not full block top surfaces help too, don't use top slabs above full blocks though as it seems drifters can spawn on the full blocks beneath and glitch through the slabs sometimes. Btw. diagonal counts as 2 blocks apart from the light source.
  9. Hal13

    item despawning

    Adding to the question: Is it like in Minecraft where item despawn timers only run while the items are in loaded areas?
  10. That depends heavily on the enclosure you use and therefore it would need more than only detection of captured animals but for example on block types around them too (maybe you just keep them in a 100x100 lit and fenced in grassy area). It would bloat up the issue massively and discourage going on exploration even only for a few days as you'd have to keep the animals fed (and therefore you'd end up with either exploration or animal husbandry). Tending to animals is time consuming af irl, as long as it's not the main focus of a game you wouldn't want to introduce an overly tedious mechanic as a
  11. That's not only on laptops. placing blocks at night will cause lightning glitches, if that's what you mean. Not sure why you post it in questions instead of bugs though.
  12. afaik there will, at some point, be some sort of settlements. quoting the roadmap here:
  13. Looked some more into foundry work... And am not sure anymore there should be big differences between casting and forging, tempering can be done with both, and apart from spillage when casting the results are very similar. And as long as we ignore pure iron for now the amount of metal will not change in objects significant enough to justify any recycling penalty for metal (again that's not true for iron, but i don't think a mechanic solely for irongoods is necessary). therefore I think you are right @Erikjust the option to resmelt any metal object should be added... and when dismantling a
  14. i mean as polar bears are quite huge the standard measurements of being able to go up half its size rounded up with a minimum of 1 block should suffice, i mean standing up they reach about 3-4 meters... and on all 4 they are comparable in size with a medium tall human...
  15. Hal13

    Armor 2.0

    That maybe right but you did refer to my proposition where an armor would be able to take quite a beating until you even start to see the stats worsen. that's why i was asking what you would mean by needing frequent repairs. You refered to a proposition to not worsen the stats right from the first hit the armor takes but after a treshold (90% durability) is reached, which means you wouldn't have to constantly repair it to full durability, it would be sufficient to keep it in good shape (above the treshold). Btw. with copper being tier 2 and durability damage scaling in a tierA/tierB fashi
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