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She was a dream. The apex of intriguing. Fate demanded I talk to her. After finally acquiring her attention, she only showed me her name: "Ancienette".

Jobediah Timberman

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As the title says, around 2011 I had a dream about a strange girl.

Especially strange because this was and is very rare for me. 

I pursued her for what felt like an hour, and only got one word out of her.

But I remember reading it, like she showed it to me, and I never see words in dreams. 

Even stranger, "Ancienette" resembles nothing that could possibly be in the depths of my mind. 

Within weeks of "meeting" this Ancienette, Facebook needed to verify that I am human.

Somehow by using the random word, "Ancienne". (the French word for "ancient")

Could Vintage Story be what this dream was referring to?

Is this ancient underground Teleportation Network the "Ancient-Net"? 

And are these Seraphs known as the "Ancienites"?

Could this world full of strange ruins be the land of "Ancienne"? 


Seems quite fitting for a game called "Vintage", doesn't it? 

I have some other basic ideas about how the plot of this world could possibly work.

I'm no writer, so it's more like "stealing from Quantum physicists".

(Mixed with a bunch of hippie-dippie newage-sewage)

I have enough ideas for what I can do for this game anyway.

(See my post history)

So I'm not even concerned if any of my story ideas get used.

For now I'll just try to spark some more discussion.

You've been asking "Who or what are the Drifters?"

Perhaps you've been asking the wrong question.


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