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  1. I've been running into some issues with attempting to create this mod, so I figure the best thing is to just get the ball rolling, and see if anyone in the modding community already knows how to finish it. I'm not sure if it will require any C# coding to do it right, and I know very little about C#, so I wouldn't want to even try, especially if it's not necessary. I am only including the current Mod file for someone to start working on, and it is not intended to be run by anyone yet, hence the version number. Anyway, I love the Oil Lamps, and they are an awesome idea for a simp
  2. Thanks to Jesse Caron for continuing what I started with Knife Knapping. I hadn't realized that almost all of the knapping recipes could be upgraded to provide 2 toolheads. I included his name on the mod as an author since I might not have even realized this could be done. Funny how I only started the original mod because I wanted to move the 2 knife blades closer, so it wouldn't require as much work. You would still get 2x, and most of the stone would just be thrown away once you disconnected it. So, along with having no intention of upgrading anything else, I never even intended to pul
  3. I worded the title carefully because I'm not looking for replacement in-game music. I find the music to be very well done, and it fits the feel of the game, which is surprising because it's not quite the style I would expect. But that's one of the reasons I like it. I just want to make sure nobody wears the music out from playing this game so much before the whole soundtrack is complete. The same way that I try not to wear out a good album, like this one I'm about to introduce you to. I still haven't gotten tired of it after almost 2 decades, so I'm pretty sure I never will. Robert
  4. This thread was exactly the post I was looking for after working on this since December. And now this post will be exactly the "threads" you're looking for. More Info in the thread: The ABCS of Nomad-Mode Mod: The Advanced Backpack Construction System 1.0.0 Just now I'm remembering Dora, and the Map, and the Backpack, and now I've made a map to build backpacks. Don't worry though, I promise, it does NOT sing.
  5. I had forgotten I was playing with the stair speed when I first made this months ago, so I've updated them all to the same speed. I like the idea that the higher quality stairs give you the same speed as the flat blocks.
  6. I had no idea how far I could take this, but leave it to this incredible game engine to make it possible, as well as easy to implement. You could say I've been working on this since December 18, according to the oldest recipe image I found. That only 10 days after I started playing. So this is something I quickly felt was going to be needed, but it needed to be done right. I couldn't push the gameplay too far from what the majority expects. So imagine my surprise when someone recently suggested exactly the kind of game mode that I'm almost done developing. Now I know I haven't gone *too*
  7. Sunset, over the mountains From ends come new beginnings, on the horizon Houses, make up the patterns And I can see my doorway in the distance I'm coming home This time I know where i belong ... Waking, into the moment The journey neverending as the days go by Seasons, constantly changing And I surrender to my fragile existence I'm letting go I'm finding space within my soul
  8. I'm just being weird for the thread title, in the game they're labeled "Clay Ore Bombs", but that could easily be changed. The internal mod name is claykaboomables though. I almost went with "Curboomibles" but that could easily be mispronounced like Cyur-boo-mybles or something, so it's best if it looks like "Kaboom", and with the suffix "-able" the word means "able to kaboom". It's okay if it doesn't resemble "Crucible" as long as it's pronunciation makes more sense. I suppose it would be an appropriate name what with the obnoxious exclamation point I put on the sides using the le
  9. As the title says, around 2011 I had a dream about a strange girl. Especially strange because this was and is very rare for me. I pursued her for what felt like an hour, and only got one word out of her. But I remember reading it, like she showed it to me, and I never see words in dreams. Even stranger, "Ancienette" resembles nothing that could possibly be in the depths of my mind. Within weeks of "meeting" this Ancienette, Facebook needed to verify that I am human. Somehow by using the random word, "Ancienne". (the French word for "ancient") Could Vin
  10. Nope, I forgot to mention that. Since Resin is a valuable resource it makes sense for it to be able to give all these benefits. So Resin Torches are both waterproof ("rainpermeable: false") and no longer become burned out (removed "transientProps" attribute). I could set it to a much longer length of inGameHours to be fair, but then you'd forget about it after 2 weeks and probably lose it. But if a candle can last forever in this world, so can a torch that's been enhanced with a rare resource.
  11. What kind of a hint? A Mini hint? Or a Tall hint? Just a Basic hint, or a Super-Mega-Ultra hint? (this post will be even better when it makes sense.)
  12. Imagine my surprise when I went looking for real-life wilderness survival recipes to use Peat and Pine Resin to make candles. The result was a candle made of Soybean Oil, scented like Pine and Peat. Reality for the win. So one part of Resin Renaissance is that you can crush Soybeans into Soybean Oil. This can be done either by Crafting them with a Hammer, or Grinding them in a Quern. For now, the Soybean Oil icon is a golden droplet of oil, because I wasn't sure what container to use to hold the oil, or how to handle taking it out of the Quern with a container. For now this should work w
  13. Another very simple mod that adds another recipe for Wooden Buckets, allowing you to use Rope instead of the much rarer Flax Twine. Not sure if this was left out as a means of adding a little difficulty, but it doesn't make much sense to not be available. If anything, in the real world you'd expect to need Rope because Twine wouldn't be strong enough. RopeBuckets1.0.0.zip
  14. This is just a very simple mod that replaces the Knife Knapping recipes. I discovered that if you fit two of them in opposite directions, they're the perfect size that the blades can be separated, and then there's just enough room to fit a third blade. Now I find it far less frustrating if the stone knives feel a bit too weak, since early game involves so many of them. But to get an extra one helps a lot, because if you're not knapping knives so often, having to knap other tools won't feel as much of an interruption. Now you can use all that time you save on knapping for napping. K
  15. Special thanks to Mr1k3 for starting this idea, and the credit goes to him for coming up with a solution for accomplishing it which I might not have ever considered. It led me to mimic his idea when I polished up his NoMolding mod. I've decided to change the name to make it more positive, as there's no reason to actually remove the Clay Molding system. Perhaps an Easy Clay Modeling Mode, where you can't make mistakes. Just make the player go through the motions of doing the work instead of shift + clicking a giant stack of difficult items. Because that was my reaction to using the o
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