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Clay Crucible + "Kaboom!" = Clay Kaboomables 1.0.0

Jobediah Timberman

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I'm just being weird for the thread title, in the game they're labeled "Clay Ore Bombs", but that could easily be changed. The internal mod name is claykaboomables though. 

I almost went with "Curboomibles" but that could easily be mispronounced like Cyur-boo-mybles or something, so it's best if it looks like "Kaboom", and with the suffix "-able" the word means "able to kaboom". It's okay if it doesn't resemble "Crucible" as long as it's pronunciation makes more sense. 

I suppose it would be an appropriate name what with the obnoxious exclamation point I put on the sides using the leftover Pine Resin. But aside from "Bee-nades" this game doesn't particularly try to be silly. 

Anyway, for a long time I felt something like this should be possible, but once I discovered that Pine Resin is very flammable, it finally made sense. Until then I didn't know how to make it all work in a way that was logical. 

What I needed was to invent a new resource: Bomb Fuses.


I also made a new recipe for the old bombs so you can use fuses with them, because now you can also make fuses with Rope as well as Twine. It's so much easier to find Reeds for Rope, so you'll only get 8 Fuses from them, whereas you'll get 16 Fuses from the much harder-to-find Twine. 

But to use the phrase yet again, imagine my surprise when I found that the Clay Crucible and the Ore Bombs are basically the same size. This made handling the object identical to the existing asset. And it was awesome the I could easily take the Pine Resin model and wrap it around the top of the Crucible to seal the fuse in. 

Seeing as how it's made of clay instead of clotch, the strength is boosted to 6 whereas the standard ore bombs are 4. Has the same injure radius though. Little things like that can be adjusted pretty easily, so let me know if that feels like it should also be boosted.

So the tradeoff between standard bombs is that you don't need Flax for Linen Fabric, and clay is pretty common, but you will need the somewhat rare resource Pine Resin. 

For those who don't have it yet, check out the "Craftables" mod by Mr1k3. You'll be able to make Blasting Powder using Saltpeter, Charcoal, and Rotting Food for Sulfur. 


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