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hi im new to game

justin mcintyre

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hey i love this game i think u guys r doing so fantastic i am planning to go to school for codding i also like to see ice age animal here my list i appreciate to add

1. mamath (spawn in plain biomes, Snow Alps  biomes)

2. Saber-toothed Tiger (in the warmer climate)

3. Mastodon (in the warmer climate)

4. Megalonyx—Gentle Giant of the Ice Age Sloth (warm Climate)

sorry if there alot to say im still learning about this game 



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I'm not sure about these, looking at the traders the world is around medieval times, and had a modern age long gone (where they comparable to us most likely got many animals extinct).

That being said Tigers or other bigger cats instead of wolfs in the tropical ranges would be nice (saber tooth isn't really a warmer climate animal though, it's comparable to mountain lions afaik)

But i wouldn't mind mixing animals of any time in this game as time travel is somewhat hinted at and there could have been mishaps.

I'd love to tame me some pterodactyl that could be used for shuttle services between my planned airship city (hopefully we get multiblock ships and airships when we get to the steam age) and the ground...


Or maybe a worldsetting about animals? only modern animals, ice age animals, pre historic animals, everything...

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