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When Do Sawblade Locusts Spawn?


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I have a mod installed called "Temporal Hacker". It allows you to re build locusts into useful workers. I have a few up and running, but some of the crafting recipies call for sawblade locusts specifically. Ive explored much of the underground and found many locust nests, but have never seen a saw blade locust spawn. Is it tied to the temporal stability gear? Do i need to be "close to the rust dimension" before they appear? Additionally: Out of boredom i built the closest thing you can get to a "mob grinder" to get more loot.image.thumb.png.a7d9efb63aa65dd06f5739d0c51d88ce.pngimage.thumb.png.f47e888ca24107dea8b625341376c538.png

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