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tony Liberatto

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I believe we need a subforum specific for dealing with server issues, discussion and suggestions. They are not the same as for the Game in itself.

We need a specific channel and subforum just for the discussion and posting of Server Administration.

Game crashes are one thing, but server crashes are another and I think they should be separated.

Server Tools, like the Script created by Skol, even if distributed with the server need a place inside this Server Administration Subforum.

Milo's Server Monitor should not be in the Mods Subforum, it is not for the common player, it is a Very important tool for the server Admin.

So, my idea is to have a separate subforum just for Server Administration, with at least 3 categories inside it. Suggestions, Tools and, Bugs.

BTW, maybe is time to reorder the subforums, some of them are obsolete and maybe they should be merged. like the VINTARIAN FORUMS, aren't we all vintarians?

Thanks for the attention.

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