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  1. tony Liberatto

    Darkagecraft Open Vanilla Server 1.5.8

    This server was born out of a discord discussion about having a stable Vanilla Server. The server will only update to stable versions, The server will not have any mods ever. There is no whitelist. Any and all are welcome. The server address is darkagecraft.net:42423 The port number is important as we have the moded server on the default port. We do need admins and moderators, so if you are interested please reach me on the Discord Channel
  2. tony Liberatto

    The Fauna Mod

    Fixed a minor error in the version for the CarryCapacity Mod. No other changes.
  3. tony Liberatto

    Agriculture, weeds, mulch, and plows

    Have you read The Mysterious Island? The characters there are in a similar situation to the player. They are suddenly in a primitive environment and having to survive. You will notice that they went straight to iron. There was no Stone Age, There was no copper age, no bronze age. They just found iron and started working it, made wires and electricity. If the goal is to get to high tech as fast as possible, why should the Devs waste any time in coding lower techs? I believe the longer it takes for the player to get to the top of the tech tree, the more enjoyable the game will be. Right now iron is the top, Once you reach iron what do you do? get bored and start a new world. Many players enjoy that feeling of starting a new world, and why is that? Because of the struggle to survive, all I am saying is that if we can have the player spend more time in the Stone Age, the game in itself will be more enjoyable. If the player can get to the iron age in 6 hours, that's how they will measure the game. They will say: Vintage Store is a short game. With a few tweaks, we can make the game longer. If the Devs will agree with me and make those changes, I do not know. If not but at least they get me an Achievement System with an API, at least I will be able to mod this. For now, I do not believe I will be able to change your mind. But, know that I enjoy our arguments, even if we disagree, at least your comments are intelligent and interesting. Your arguments are valid. Is just a difference in what we each expect from the game.
  4. tony Liberatto

    Agriculture, weeds, mulch, and plows

    A complete base includes a farm with sustained crops. The player is not able to build a complete base in the sense that he does not have access to agriculture before metal. How natural, or logic, is to gate agriculture behind metallurgy? Historically mankind developed agriculture and animal husbandry long before metallurgy. Food security comes before technological development. Even though technology makes easier to secure food. So, yes I would prefer for the game to require the player to make a farm and domesticate animals before he goes looking for metal. It makes sense in a survival way. It is really weird that you are stranded in a weird dimension, and before you make sure to have food to last you go looking for metal. I think an achievement system that unlocks metallurgy would be the way to go. You are free to disagree, as always. But the truth is that neither I nor you would know how much fun or maybe frustrating this would be without actually trying.
  5. tony Liberatto

    Agriculture, weeds, mulch, and plows

    @dakko I Completely agree with your statements. But I would also go a step further. I would make the Player first Master agriculture and animal husbandry before he/she was allowed to work metal. We have all this beautiful setup with all these stone tools, and most players just rush through it as fast as they can. I want the player to be able to build a complete base with the tools and resources available in the stone age.
  6. tony Liberatto

    being in the dark will hurt you

    I understand this is a feature to be added to the hardcore version of the game. So it would be a choice of the player to use. But I have to agree with @redram , in that I hope the developers do not waste time in this until we have the survival mode complete. There are just too many other things that are sorely need before anyone should even think about working on this. Again, not against, especially because I never play hardcore, but think others should be free to do it.
  7. tony Liberatto

    being in the dark will hurt you

    Some questions: When you talk about darkness, how black is that? Are we talking about the complete darkness, like my monitor is off? Or do you want to have grades of darkness with different consequences? As long as I have a torch in my hand do I need to worry about darkness? Back to the darkness level! Is it your idea to have a complete darkness? If that is the case messing with the player controls is unnecessary. If there is no way for me to see where I am going, Better than wolves had a darkness system, that added a level of difficulty to the game, but to be honest, it was only relevant for the starting player, especially on the first night. The player creates a world, the first night he tries to hide in a hole from all the mobs. for some reason, most of the times inexperience, this player does not have access to fire yet. As soon as he closes the hole, the darkness starts to affect and either the player dies from the darkness hurting or he tries to break free and gets killed by mobs. Player rage quits, creates a new world and never again will be caught without fire. Understand that I am not talking against the idea, just giving some feedback of the system as I am understanding and hoping for a better explanation on how it could be implemented in an immersive way.
  8. tony Liberatto

    [VS-1.5.5] Darkagecraft PVE: First Public Modded Server

    Welcome to the server Fenrir_Irontooth . Have fun. You are now whitelisted.
  9. tony Liberatto

    time costs

    I agree with @redram I would go so far as to say that the speed difference of higher tier tools should be increased. cutting down a tree with a stone axe takes a looooong time. For decorative blocks, there is a problem as far as player perception goes. Whenever we add more work for the player, I.e. longer time to obtain resources or materials, we also need to increase the reward. Example, Game developer or Mod changes how long does it take to break an ore block, that ore block must yield more ore, otherwise the change will be met with resistance from the players. If it is a mod people will just not install it. I am the first to ask for realism, but if all a mod does is to make it take longer to do something without any benefit, it will not be welcomed by the players. One of the issues I see specifically with the polished stone is that it is a decoration block akin to the stone brick. There is actually not much difference in the texture and they can be interchangeable, but right now with your mod we can make stone bricks with one click, but to make polished stone it takes time and it is cumbersome, sometimes we have to shift position and try more than one time to make it work. Since those blocks are not available in survival and the player only has access to them thanks to your mod. It would make more sense to have them take the same amount of time to be crafted, even if using different methods. Please observe that I am not against the time you impose for polishing stones, just on the fact that one block is instant and the other not. I think you should make both take time, or be instant.
  10. tony Liberatto

    Micro Block Mining

    Looks like we are making progress. Micro Blocks per si will not reduce exploration, but you think rock type dependant ore spawning may make you have to explore too far. Things to consider: You can have rock types in layers, so 3 rock types in the same place. Crossing areas, that mean is possible for the player to find a 4 surface crossing place with up to 12 rock types. How far you have to travel to find different rock types depends on how big the world gen makes them. A Dev, or even config option. What ores spawn on what rock types are another world gen and also config option. In TFC if you wanted you could have all the ores spawning on the same rock type. ( By Config ). Another point, I sometimes also do that, but biomes are not the same as rock type. You can and should have multiple rock types in the same biome area. ( Biomes are defined as an area with a specific climate and vegetation. I would like for the player to have a shift on the mindset, instead of thinking about ore veins or ore deposits, I want the player to think about ore Mines. Mines would be a permanent place, with huge ore deposits, so big that they will last for the life of a world, even if in a multiplayer. Most of the aspects of a change like that would need to be carefully balanced, towards gameplay.
  11. tony Liberatto

    Micro Block Mining

    How does that make sense? If I build my base on an Andesite area, and I need Cassiterite, I will have to travel and explore until I first find the correct stone type that spawns Cassiterite, ( In TFC it was Diorite, Gabbro and Granite ), When I need Silver I will have to look for Granite or Gneiss, The logic is that no Stone Type will ever spawn all the ores and mineral the player needs. For a game that wants to create incentives for exploration, the more ores and minerals we introduce in the game and spawning on different rock types, especially when we increase the number of rock types in the game, the more exploration we will have. TFC had a config option about how Ore Deposits would spawn, one of the options was about the Density of the ores. That was one of the evilest things in the game. I completely and utterly hate scattered veins. I do not mind go exploring the world until I find the correct stone type that the ore spawn, Having to triangulate the ore position is a lot of work, but when I finally find the Deposit, I want to be done with it. I hated how scattered veins worked that you would find one block, break and do not see anything else, then you had to break everything around trying to find a second block. It looks like the way you propose for ore deposits to work is more or less like that but a bit farther. When I talk about Micro-Blocks, I am not talking about dividing the number of blocks in the existing veins and spawning the result. I still believe in big veins, the only difference is that those veins would not get mined out so easily. Following my idea, you have to do more exploration, not less. I see people talking on the forum and discord about how they travelled thousands of blocks, but that was not in search of ore. Most of the times, it was because an update introduced some feature dependant on spawning new chunks. Bottom Line, Huge Ore Deposits, that would take many players a long time to exhaust. Increase the number of Rock Types. Increase the number of Ores and Minerals. Make those ores and minerals only spawn on certain rock types. The result, Exploration increased tenfold. The result, not the grind of having to look for the same ore again and again.
  12. tony Liberatto

    Micro Block Mining

    I have to agree that some of your arguments make sense, but not as arguments in opposition to the idea of Micro-Blocks. They make sense in the context that we all agree that the ore spawning in the game as it is right now is not ideal. And Ttat we need a better prospecting system. As far as making the game fun and not just realistic, I have to say that I have loads of fun building Contraptions that have any kind of movement. Mechanical power is one of the most eye catcher feature of the game for this reason. Most players just can't resist to build the Wind Mill and see it Turning around. But the same way as building a Wind Mill right now would kind of pointless, because it would not even move. Building one that has no purpose and is just some nice Decoration is not nearly as satisfactory as building something that has a use that the player will benefit from it. My proposal for the Micro-Blocks is part of a bigger design for the whole mining and ore processing system, but I truly believed it could be implemented independently. We definitely need a way to prospect ores horizontally and not just vertically. Another thing to consider is the omnipresence of copper in the world right now. The thing is so common that sometimes is almost a nuisance. When I talk about Ore Micro-Blocks, I am talking about more than just Iron. TFC had 12 different ore iterations, plus 12 different minerals and 5 useless that many mods found a use for. As much as we understand that Vintage Story is a different Game and may move in a different Direction, It will add more and more ore and minerals. We need a logic for ore distribution there is no way to add 10 more ore and minerals to the game and keep the same spawning levels for common ores. My solution is to have ores to spawn only on specific rock types and make the deposit itself rare in the sense of how many it spawns in the world. Rare does not necessarily mean harder to find, how easy or hard it is to find ores depends more on the prospect system than on actually how big the ore deposit is.
  13. tony Liberatto

    Micro Block Mining

    @Erik Not a coder myself, but for what I understand VS handles chiselled blocks and memory usage in a manner much more efficiently than TFC. Chiselled Blocks do not cause near as many problems. And in this situation, we will not have as many partial blocks as is the case when they are used for decoration. No one will go around partially mining all the blocks in a mine, they could I agree, but most people will do one at a time. @redram If Micro-Blocks or Mini-Blocks (16 x 16 x 16 or 8 x 8 x8 ) is a question of Game balance, one that I cannot answer before trying a working system and having others also try it. Maybe I will hate the idea if it is actually done, but maybe I will love it. You don't actually know. But the point is to have the player remain in the same spot for longer, A giant ore deposit that is mined very fast and yields little ore per block makes the building of any mining structure very hard and mostly unnecessary. Even though the player will remain breaking the same block for a longer time, he will be rewarded, because every single Micro-Block that comes out of that Ore gives as much metal as the entire block does today. I extremely dislike Ore Bombs. As much as I know no one ever used explosives for mining purposes in the middle ages. But maybe it is a personal choice and if the Devs wanted to keep it in the game they could just limit the area of effect to one block and let the player pick up all the small pieces of ore. We do not have a cave-in feature at this moment, no idea if it will be implemented or how, so it is hard to talk about it. @Stroam This: That is exactly my point, anything that has to be repeated often is a kind of grind, even to be forced to be always looking for new ore deposits. Depending on how many more metal ore and minerals we got added to the game the player has a good list to look for, the difference is that he only needs to look for each one once. For people that may think this will make the game harder, read again. It will take the same time to get the same amount of ore, just that you will be in the same place in the world. Maybe, for a mine that is constantly used, it will be advantageous to build minecart tracks.
  14. tony Liberatto

    Micro Block Mining

    Was at work today thinking that no one would get the reasoning behind this idea. Looks like some got at least part of it. So let answer the questions in order, as I have thought of this for quite some time. First for Exploration. I have stated in other threads that I favour for ores to only spawn in certain rock types and that the number of rock times in the game needs to be expanded at least 3 times. Just by that exploration will be more necessary, as the player will never find all the ores needed in the same 200 block radius as is the case today. Also, ore distribution is for another thread, here we are talking about the mining mechanic and the size of ore veins. How big would a vein need to be to justify a permanent mining structure, one that can be shared by several players in a server? Too big I think. So my idea is to instead of creating a giant vein or cluster ore deposit, whatever you want to call it. We will just change how much ore each block gives. To the point where each Micro-Block will yield the same amount of ore that a whole block gives today, it will, of course, cost the same for the player in terms of time and tool durability. Yes, I understand that once the player finds one ore vein he is set for that ore forever, but I believe this is a lot more realistic than one player exhausting several ore deposits. And as long as each ore deposit is far from another we would not lose the exploration part of the game. What we gain by this kind of change is the possibility to expand the game in the direction of a more realistic mining process and the subsequent ore processing. By having an Ore deposit that is so huge in terms of output, we make possible to develop the game in terms of how the player bring the ore to the surface, even making it desirable to make and actually use minecarts, also ore crushers and washers. ore cooking and big smelters. All this metal production would by necessity be built on top or adjacent to the mine. Ohh, And before I forget @Erik This system would use as much file size and ram as any chiselled block in the game, believe me, we would still have a lot more chiselled blocks than partial mined blocks. Ohh, and the ore deposits would be rarer, so if someone accidentally finds an ore vein just under their house, they would be trilled.
  15. tony Liberatto

    Micro Block Mining

    For some time now I have felt that the mining experience could be significantly improved. Anytime I think about changes to the game, I try to make a balance, so if any process takes longer it must at the same time be more rewarding to the player. My idea is to make Ore blocks to be mined in a way similar to how we use a chisel on a stone block. The player would still use a pickaxe and would have to hit the block several times, but instead of breaking the whole block, it would just chip small Micro-B locks from the Ore that would drop as items. The way the game works now, one block consists of 256 Micro-Blocks, as they are 16 x 16 x 16. What we achieve with a system like this is that we effectively multiply the total output of a mine by 4096 without ever having to spawn that many Ore blocks. As long as the feature is implemented in a way that makes it time-consuming to break each Micro-Block, We would allow for Mines to last for a long time, even on multiplayer servers. That would make it so it is advantageous to create permanent structures and transport methods.

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