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  1. tony Liberatto

    what should be implemented (ihmo) in the game and wiki

    Pressing V will show your coordinates and the direction you are looking on the top right corner.
  2. tony Liberatto

    Vintage Story: Fall Wishlist

    My wife just really loves those SyFy B movies. Sharknado, Shraktopus, Anaconda. I have so much fun watching her, watch those movies.
  3. tony Liberatto

    Vintage Story: Fall Wishlist

    NO SHARKS. The only thing they do is to make underwater off limits to all players. If sharks behave in real life the same way they do in modded Minecraft, humans would never have explored the oceans. I live in Florida, and there have been swimmers bitten by sharks. It happens every year. Let's say the chance is one in a million swimmers a year. Not sure about the exact numbers. But I definitely do not want a mob that makes swimming prohibitive. I want to have corals and fish, but no shark. There is no defense from a shark when you notice it, it is already killing you.
  4. As I agree with many of the aspects of the game you have detailed here, let me see how I can actually help. First I would like to say that most of these changes should be added to the Vanilla game. In that regard, my power is the same as yours, as in just to make suggestions. Second, I got together with some helpful people and made a mod that strives to bring a lot more realism to the game. The Neolithic Mod brings the stone age technology to a more historically accurate level. It adds the hoe between other things. The mod also adds the burden basket, a quickly obtainable backpack to solve the initial frustration with personal inventory. We also added bamboo chests, that do not depend on metal, and recently increased the number of slots in all containers. We made the hunting experience more immersive and rewarding. The mod is not finished. Don't believe there is such a thing, but we are still introducing new features and expanding the mod.
  5. tony Liberatto


    Darkagecraft has been updated to Vintage Story 1.6.11. It has a brand new Modpack, at the joining channel in the Darkagecraft Discord Server. Invite Here: https://discord.gg/ffMBdrM The official start time is Sunday the 9th of September at 4 PM GMT, Noon at Eastern Time.
  6. tony Liberatto

    Vintage Story: Fall Wishlist

    My answers: NEI/JEI - I may be wrong, but I believe the causal player may get frustrated really fast for not knowing what to do. An in-game way to show the player what the item or blocks he has can be used for and how to obtain the items and blocks he wants is a priority. World Gen. But not just in the sense of Nicer mountains or having oceans. In the deep sense of having more stone types and better distribution of ores into specific stone types. More tree types, but at the same time not all available in the same place. Vegetation exclusive to biomes and temperatures. The same for animal life. Mechanical Power - Specifically, because I believe is an Eye catcher for any prospective player. Everyone loves Mechanical power, and it would make easier for Moders to work on top of it and create their own blocks and machines. I wish I had one more pool, so I could vote on the things that should go to the bottom of the list. Improved Playstyles (Peaceful exploration mode, Hardcore survival mode) - Not really a priority for me, Unless we would be talking about just a config page with sliders on world creation. Villages, Trading, Quests, Story, other kinds of NPC Interactions. - Some abandoned Villages would be nice. Do not really like the idea of trading with NPC's, and for some reason, I think it is a lot of work to make NPC's that work as intended. I think it will be great to have them. But they can wait for other features.
  7. tony Liberatto

    Land mass generation

    When you talk about the wind map, would that be affected by mountains? After all, it is one of the main reasons we have more rain in coastal areas, as rain clouds are blocked by the tall mountain chains. So, if the world generation follows a sequence, as land mass and elevation. Wind map. rainfall map. General temperature as a result of Latitude, elevation, wind, and rain That would give us the more realistic world generation.
  8. tony Liberatto

    The Neolithic Mod

    New Update, fixes collision and selection boxes for branches, also fixed cooking glue, the recipe for metal Spears.
  9. tony Liberatto


    I must say, that telling the common player that they have to type a command is almost the same as saying that we do not have waypoints. People have a hard time loading mods. What we need is a Map options GUI.
  10. tony Liberatto

    The Neolithic Mod

    Once again: 1.0.30 Fixed some broken recipes and created alternate recipes for all primitive tools to accept sisal twine.
  11. tony Liberatto

    The Neolithic Mod

    New Update 1.0.28 fixed some language files Included The Chests+ and The Tables+. Also fixed a bug not being able to place Tallow Candles.
  12. tony Liberatto

    Crafting recipes' book

    Thank you Tyron. And I actually support this decision. I can see how valid the argument is and the fact that your approach to the game is to be played outside of the inventory GUI, After all, the main thing that convinced me to buy this game was when I watched the video showing things done in that manner. Like; Knapping, Clayworking, and smithing. That said, I still feel that the more content gets added to the game the more the problem of players having no idea what to do and how to obtain that content is worsened. A good WIKI helps a lot, and Vintage Story would not be the first game that we have to play with one monitor reserved for the wiki. That said, I actually feel better knowing that you want to step away from the inventory GUI as much as possible.
  13. tony Liberatto

    Crafting recipes' book

    As much as an in-game Book would be appreciated and very welcome, what we really need is some sort of NEI/JEI functionality. Something that would read the recipes folder and show the player all possible combinations to use the item block and how to obtain it.
  14. tony Liberatto

    The Neolithic Mod

    New Update: 1.0.25 Fixed casting rendering issues for the Clay Bowl Stamp.
  15. tony Liberatto

    The Neolithic Mod

    BalduranneNew Update: Fix a few bugs and missing recipes. Included: Balduranne's Build Mod, with Bamboo doors and Mudwall blocks. Tony Liberatto's; Light Sources, with tallow candles and Glass Lantern. Tony Liberatto's: The Clay Stamp, with an easier way to make clay bowls em masse. Tony Liberatto's: Cracked Blocks, with cracked Stone Blocks, Brick Blocks, and Cracked Polished Blocks.

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