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  1. I have no idea how world generation works. I have a somewhat more in death knowledge of server administration and what used to work for TFC servers. What I think would work either for single player or for multiplayer is a highly configurable world generating tool. Like a group of settings on a screen on world creation for single player or a config file for the server. The basic concept is to allow for this choices. First and foremost, limited world size. No one, and I mean no one needs 600,000 x 600,000 blocks world size. We can have a server with 100 players in a world size of 30,000 x 60,000, but if someone disagree, that is where the config comes to help, so everyone can create a world the size they want. Now the second choice is about the climate, Should the world have an equator in the middle, and go cold both ways? South and North? or have the equator at the bottom of the map and go cold towards North. These 2 choices would go a long way for any server admin, but a single player would have fun in creating very small worlds, worlds that would have all the climate biomes to change on just 1000 blocks for example. The third thing needed is to be able to choose land/water proportion, so we can generate a world with a bunch of small islands, or huge continents, again choice. Other than that, is just a question of having Salt water Oceans, lakes, Rivers and streams. The word to remember here is Choice, Choice and Choice. Let the player decide what kind of world he/she
  2. Done: https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues/issues/313
  3. I have been struggling on how to approach this subject in a way that people can understand my meaning. I made a basic count of the mods in the #Mods Release channel of the forum. As of May/20/2019 we had 47 posts there. Some where re posts with a different name or just updates, some people just edited the old posts. Not considering that, of those, 27 were Content mods with no code in it, 20 were code mods. Of the 20 many were publish by me, and everyone knows I cannot code. Some were publish by people that struggle to code, I wonder how many of those consider themselves as proficient C# programmers. My point is that the easier way for people like me, and by the amount of Content mods, I am not alone, is if we could use the available code in the game as just attributes or behaviors, and just create json files. My idea is that if someone, be it a Dev or a Modder, wants to create a new block that uses any feature that is already coded into the game, they would not need to increase the size of the Game code. So the new block is a liquid container? It just need to have Attribute; LiquidContainer. Not to use the Bucket Class. There would not be a bucket Class. The bucket would use Attribute; LiquidContainer. This is a big change, and it would take time and effort to make it. I do however believe it would be worth it. One example, of how this would work, is how @copygirl is making her code for the CarryCapacity. Is a very extensive code, but anyone can use it without the need to make new code. We just set a block with the Attribute: Carryable. And that is it. There would always be room for actual coders to create new features, and they would be welcome. My idea, is that the game would really grow faster if this was done. So, my proposal, for the 1.10, is to be the Modder update. Another argument in favor of doing this now, is that the more the game grows the harder it would be to implement it latter. Mod authors with mods in the Forum are: 9 . Hobbes, Skodone, Tatazaki, Elwood, Balduranne, BunnyViking, MarkAAFK, Sunvald and TonyLiberatto. Mod Authors who do code are: 8 . Erik, Millo, Cout970, Stroam, Doam, Melchior, Novocain, copygirl, Now let's see how much controversy this post will bring.
  4. Sorry about that. There should be a warning about the chests. We had to change the way chest worked to keep compatibility with the Game code. Also to be able to add Labeled Chests. Please try to revert to the previous version of the Neolithic Mod and move all your items to stationary baskets.
  5. New Version of this mod. Now you only need to right click with the offering bowl to update the Totem to the Next Step.
  6. New Update for the Modpack. Now it is available in the GitHub, so it is easy to keep update.
  7. Sorry for the bugs. The Trough is fixed in the new update. Sorry for the chests. I had to completely rewrite the chests, that changed the Block ID for them. For now the only solution for updating an old world is to transfer all your items to the Vanilla Reed baskets, before updating the world. You will need to replace all the old Chests.
  8. I do not recall removing it. Have you confirmed that in creative mode?
  9. Welcome to the server. EMSpara you are now whitelisted. We are finishing updating the mods for the new version of the game, and will do a reset of the world. many new vegetation and changes to ore spawn. Please follow us on our discord Channel.
  10. I added your mod to the Modpack for the Darkagecraft Modded Server.
  11. Welcome to the Darkagecraft Server, have fun: Romec Unclesid PeterSanderson Yelb Wreckington Trirock
  12. The mod has been Updated to 1.9.3 Enjoy.
  13. @Larslane That is a game bug, please post in the forums or discord.
  14. Sorry for the delay. The server was not up. All is working now and you are Whitelisted. Just grab the Modpack in the Discord #joining Darkagecraft: Welcome: Bluarianknight Standal Karmada kinkynun
  15. No problem. Just be aware that the moded server has not been updated to 1.8.6. It still uses 1.7.9. I am working on the main mod update, but hit some snags. Hopefully it will be ready for the new 1.9 update that mostly changes world gen so it should not break the mod. You are now whitelisted.
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