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  1. No problem. Just be aware that the moded server has not been updated to 1.8.6. It still uses 1.7.9. I am working on the main mod update, but hit some snags. Hopefully it will be ready for the new 1.9 update that mostly changes world gen so it should not break the mod. You are now whitelisted.
  2. After some time out for personal reasons, I am finally back and trying to get my feet on the game. Right now I am playing the new updates in Vanilla so I know where we stand in relation to the mods. I imagine the "H" key that brings up the recipe books will work for the mod recipes also. Right now there is no way to test it as the mod has not been updated to 1.8.X . Once that is done it will be a lot easier to find all the recipes.
  3. Welcome to the server: EpicGamer and Scapin. Have fun. Remember, the server is still in 1.7.8 version and needs the modpack in the joining-darkagecraft channel of the Discord.
  4. I think the issue is a bit more complicated than that. The quern is the first player powered block to be added to the game. The intention of the developers is to add mechanical power to the game, that will make things like grinding flour a lot faster, the same as it did for human populations. I love the idea of more complexity in ore processing, but it will need to wait for mechanical power. A bit of grind while the player gather resources and is able to create some mechanical devices is good. It gives the player a reason to progress in the game.
  5. That should not be the case. We have many days in the Darkagecraft server and animals always drop a carcass. If you are having this issue in single player it is definitely a bug. It could also be something wrong on the mod installation or the world creation. I would appreciate if you could do some testing to confirm this issue. Try removing all mods from both mod folders. Have just The Neolithic Mod last version zipped mod in the mods folder. Make a new world.
  6. Strange. The way an animal gets killed does not matter. Once an animal is dead it drops a dead animal block. The manner you harvest the carcass matter. You must use a knife to harvest the body. It takes a while, so keep clicking. For bigger animals, you can use a saw for a chance to get a head-trophy first.
  7. All primitive tool recipe ingredients are interchangeable. The basic recipe is always: head - Any stone Type. Shaft - Bones or Debarked Very Thin Branch. Cordage - Leather Strips, Sinew, Sisal Twine. Some tools require a longer shaft, hence one shaft on top of the other, like the primitive Spear. Shovel and Hoe are examples. To debark branches, just use a knife in the crafting grid.
  8. Thanks for the report. Fixed for next update. As far as building weapons, use Very Thin Branches until you have bones. I just tested this recipe and it is working. You do need to use debarked Very Thin Branches.
  9. All tools and weapons require some kind of cordage. The mod adds 3 cordages:: leather strips and sinew are of course dependant on you killing something. So, you can make Sisal Twine. For sisal, you need to follow a process. Get some Sisal leaves and a hand hammer or any hammer in the crafting grid, that will give you sisal fibers, 3 fibers in a line will give you sisal thread. 4 thread in a square will give you sisal twine. Most tools can be made with either bone or very small branch for the shaft. The branch needs to be debarked first, just put in crafting grid with a hand knife or any knife, to debark the branches. Some tools that have long shafts require 2 branches one on top of the other, with the head on the top and the cordage in the middle. You have some pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/Z6jzEdL All this is a work in progress, and the Tyron just added a NEI/JEI system that will make all these recipes easier to find. Also, we will be changing the way many of them work, as the idea is to be able to interact with items and blocks outside of the crafting grid. my plan is for the player to be able to get all the ingredients and make all tool in the real world, without ever opening the crafting grid.
  10. No. As a rule of thumb, mod developers only start working on updating after the release of the Game update. With a huge mod, like The Neolithic, it will take a while. Especially when the new features, change important parts of the mod. We will start working on the update next week. But, no ETA yet.
  11. @CJHKing2 The Neolithic Mod is a total conversion mod. Meaning that it cannot be loaded on existing worlds. There is a line on your report that could be caused by a Game bug on the Modloader. It has been fixed for the upcoming 1.8, but for now, you can try deleting the temp folder. Go to %appdata%/local/temp/vintagestory and delete all files in there. Start a new world with just the Neolithic mod. It should work.
  12. Thank you very much for your report Erik. looks like you really took the time to play the mod and find out how we could make it better. I will try to answer your points: First, the mod is big, actually, the mod is huge. I, we do need help. Lots of help. I am no coder and have actually learned on the go. Vintage Story is my first try on moding. The mod needs a Tutorial, the problem is, someone needs to write it. the sleeping code needs to be optimized, again it is a code issue, right now I am just glad we were able to get it working, albeit not perfect. I think we should add a cooldown, so once the wolf wakes up it will run after you for a while, not just till you 5 blocks away. As for more documentation, I think the new recipe looking NEI/JEI will help. The different branch log sizes are a work in progress. I have changed the stack size for all of them. I also increased the chest slots, But there is not much I can do for player inventory. We desperately need a player inventory overhaul. Who knows, if everyone that plays the mod complains with Tyron about that..... Turning the branches into firewood has been asked several times and to be honest I just keep forgetting. My idea for the roof blocks is to have them swappable. We already started working on it. The concept is to have like a carpenters hammer, so the player only needs to make one roof block, and then he can change it into any position for the same type. I have big plans for the mod, a lot will change.
  13. It gives me the impression you are trying to load a bunch of old mods that are not compatible with 1.7.8 anymore. Please remove any mod that does not specifically states it is compatible with 1.7.8. Also, most of the features on those old mods were added to The Neolithic Mod.
  14. I am against ever having Electricity in the game. It would bring technology too close to modern times. Electricity should be left for mods. Steam is OK, as long as it requires a very long process with lots of parts that would take a long time to get. Steam could be part of the main game, but should not be added before other major priorities. I mean, is a cool thing but the game can wait for it. Steam has all the advantages, as it can be used anytime, all the time and anywhere. Steam should consume fuel and water though. All components should be metal and also need lubricants.
  15. Historically there were 3 different ways to power any mechanical device: Animal force, Wind and Water. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. First I would like to advocate for the inclusion in the game of all 3 of them. Preferably at the same time, even if is in a simplified way. That would avoid controversy later on. Animal: Can be made in any place, but it requires a domesticated animal and constant player supervision. The mule will not keep turning that wheel forever. Also, the mule or horse needs to be fed and needs rest. Wind: Is intermittent, the wind is not blowing all the time. Also, it should require some elevation and not mountains or buildings blocking the wind. Great for unattended jobs. Water/River: Constant power supply, but can only be made where the river is. It gives the player another reason to look for a river. Just to be clear, I am completely opposed to water wheels powered by a bucket made water source block.
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