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  1. tony Liberatto

    Sounds and aggro trigger

    A good way to think about is that as any wild animal, they can smell and hear you. Even through stone walls. You can't really hide from a bear, just because you got behind some trees. Line of sight is very important for us humans, for wild predators not so much.
  2. tony Liberatto

    Metal progress branching

    Again I like this kind of reasoning. It enriches the game experience. As for trees and wood types, they could also affect tool durability and efficiency. After all not any wood is good to be used for a tool handle. Some weapons, like a bow, need a strong but flexible kind of wood.
  3. tony Liberatto

    Metal progress branching

    Of course, I like this idea. Come on. It has Tony Liberatto written all over. I do not think it would be about adding difficult to the process, I see it as adding more steps and making metallurgy as a more engaging and immersive process. So the player gets copper nuggets and makes his/her first pickaxe. But the copper in the rocks needs to be processed before it can be smelted. I have no idea what is actually used for ore processing, but I think is not just use a pickaxe and smelt it. In the minimum, no matter the ore it needs to be ground and washed. I do know some ores are cooked to burn out impurities before they are melted. Again, I do not see this as making it harder, I see as adding features and making the process more complex.
  4. tony Liberatto

    v1.7.8 The Neolithic Mod

    Thanks for the feedback. Primitive fence recipes fixed for release 1.3.39.
  5. tony Liberatto

    Stone & Ore Suggestions

    Maybe I should repeat myself a bit. As far as minerals and metal ores, I think is a discussion that depends a lot on how we plan on improving the metal work. Are we going to have high tech metal work? Like Aluminum? Or Stainless Steel? What other usable metals do we really need? The point I really want is a lot more variety for rock types: Conglomerate: I just love the yellow goldish color. Schist: The greenish has its place. Dolomite and others: A small list just to start: https://1710-wiki.terrafirmacraft.com/Ores_%26_Minerals
  6. tony Liberatto

    After many hours.....

    Really nice buildings.
  7. tony Liberatto

    v1.7.8 The Neolithic Mod

    A new version is out. 1.3.37. Changelog: Fixed Primitive Adze missing tool chisel attribute.Fixed Mortar and Pestle recipe.fixed shovel iron recipe.Added scaffolding recipes using Very-Thin branches.Also alternative recipes with Leather strips.Change Branch stack to 64 units.
  8. tony Liberatto

    v1.7.8 Darkagecraft Modpack

    New Modpack. Updates to The Neolithic Mod to version 1.3.37 and Totems to version 1.0.5
  9. tony Liberatto

    Make VS less like minecraft

    I have suggested that a few times already. The punching motion always felt unnatural to me. But now you gave us even one more reason to completely remove it from the game. One more way to differentiate Vintage Story from Minecraft. The eggs are one example, but things like pottery and glass is another one. So funny, you punch glass blocks and they even sound like they are breaking, but you still get a not broken block. I support this idea and petition for the change. No more punching and breaking to pick up blocks and objects. The motion makes sense for shovels, pickaxes while mining and axes while chopping down a tree. But mostly that is it. Every other block, especially decorative blocks should be removed by shift-right-click. Trees should have seeds, pods, nuts, whatever you want to call them. But no saplings magically falling down when you break leaves. That is another somewhat easy way to differentiate the game from Minecraft and make it more realistic and immersive.
  10. tony Liberatto

    v1.7.8 The Neolithic Mod

    Version 1.3.27. Fixed a serious bug where wolves were killing each other. Added sword and axe as tools to get a head trophy from dead animals. Tweaked bamboo saplings. Increased adze durability.
  11. tony Liberatto

    v1.7.8 Darkagecraft Modpack

    Updated to 1.7.8, This is the same modpack used in the Darkagecraft server.
  12. tony Liberatto

    v1.7.8 The Neolithic Mod

    Version 1.3.26 is out. adds alternative recipes and balance to sisal spawning.
  13. tony Liberatto

    v1.7.8 The Neolithic Mod

    We are trying some solutions for the recipes issue. Right now we have more than 300 recipes. Balduranne, one of the authors of the mod has made a picture album that helps a lot. Also most items and blocks have info on the tool tip. https://imgur.com/a/Z6jzEdL
  14. tony Liberatto

    v1.7.8 The Neolithic Mod

    Fixed a small bug that caused a crash version 1.3.24 is now available.
  15. tony Liberatto

    v1.7.8 The Neolithic Mod

    Version 1.3.23. Fixed a small bug that prevented Butterflies in Creative.

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