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AccessibleRecipes v0.1.0


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8-09-21 - v0.2.0 for VS 1.15

AccessibleRecipes adds new crafting grid recipes for Knapping, Clay Forming, and Smithing to make crafting easier for players with restrictive movement conditions(arthritis, RSI, etc).


Create blank instruction pages with cattails.


Create a completed instructions page with sticks and blank pages.

image.png.9327c7b7a6f7b2e1caf32ad68d79e93b.png  image.png.108b6f188448c90fecac3ee6e91c9dfa.png  image.png.47a50c2aa03e76774e421b28ac4f05bc.png

Create final recipes with completed instructions and the appropriate materials. Each completed instructions page has 10 uses.

image.png.27ab2dd7fe1cd7d3009cdf6e75bf203f.png image.png.498982f84722429932a38a7171b1efa8.png  image.png.45412db22ad4cda5f317de9328d00764.png

Installation: Download the latest .zip file from [VS Mod DB] or [Github] and place it in your mods folder.

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