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Equipment repair ideas: armor falls apart as it degrades


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Currently, when we make a set of armor, we make chains, scale, or plates. Now, when the armor is worn out, it is completely gone. I propose that as armor gets worn, these plates and items fall off, and either have to be reattached or replaced. With gambeson we can sew patches in, same with leather. 

This would be more efficient resource wise, while being somewhat realistic and not too broken. 


For tools they will either need to be sharpened, have the handles replaced, or have the head replaced. 


Also, another use for temporal gears could be sacrificing a gear to repair a piece of equipment, the higher the tier of equipment, the less the gear repairs. This would be like rolling back time on the equipment, and may summon drifters if used too often....

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16 hours ago, Конит Инвиз said:

I like. But on my own I would like to add that the temporary gear should repair objects in a stationary mechanism in large ruins, such as translocators ...


My issue is that i have a buttload of temporal gears. almost a full chest of them, due to my obsession with panning/murdering drifters. I think that is my play style. The thing is, they are very cool, but are under utilized. I would love to see them used in more things. So more under ground machinery? hell yeah. 

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