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How would a dragon ball z mod work for vintage story?


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Is such a mod possible? Dragon block c was epic and amazing. We do have a skills mod, and an xp mod, but i do not see a means to make unarmed damage count towards combat experience. If so then that would be the groundwork for the fighting mechanic. From there, how would you do ki attacks? how would you put them in the game, and how would you learn them? Also is there framework for dimensions? if so then planet namek and the other world could be done for those story arcs. With work i might be able to muster enough art skills to make armor, clothes and assets. My biggest concern is dimensions. Minecraft already had 3, so adding others seems to have been easy, and was done via thaumcraft and galiticraft. Can vintage story do that too? Or is such a project out of scope?

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