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Hello all,

I recently go a friend into VS and tried to play Multi with them, but we couldn't get my server to show up on the list. I eventually just paid the 10E for a server, but even that one didn't appear for them. Perhaps I am incredibly dumb, but what am I doing wrong?

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I did Give the server a custom name, the host is the "official game server hosting". I can modify settings (within the game client, not a config file) and activate the server and it says its running. I can join through the "join server" button, however, the server is not appearing on the list despite that box being checked. I have forwarded the appropriate ports although I think that may have been unnecessary as this has 3rd party hosting.

If it helps (as I can change some of it/password it later)

Name: LyraServer

Host: vh-seviNuCi?Jo


also, apologies for the late response, got my second vaccine dose and was knocked down for a bit.

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