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Chutes over filling troughs.

Papa Cheese

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I decided to do some simple automating to speed up my chores at my homestead. It's a basic setup of a labeled chest sitting on an elbow chute leading into a 4 way chute. The three open ends feed into the long sides of small troughs for my chickens. The bug is that if I place 24 flax grain in the chest to fill the 3 troughs the troughs straight out will fill while the two to the sides will only get 3-4 portions each. The chest is empty as well as the chute sections, if I break the full trough I not only get the 8 grain it should hold I also get the other 8-10 portions that didn't go to the other troughs. I refilled through the chest and waited for the chickens to empty the troughs. The trough straight out showed as empty but I couldn't add to it, when I broke it I again got the extra grain that should have gone to the other troughs. It would appear that chutes aren't respecting the capacity of the trough or that it's also feeding into the rot storage. Just thought I should let you know.

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