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  1. Out of curiosity, do the chances of finding a worm apply to rocks you place as well as naturally generated ones? I was planning on testing that but haven't had the time yet. Just recently finished a community greenhouse/cellar at spawn on the MoM server and I've been catching up on chores at home since then. The trotlines in cellars work beautifully by the way, thank you Spear and Fang for that information.
  2. Papa Cheese

    Glitch Fences

    Another option to decrease the glitching through is to use lower terrain to your benefit. My core breeding animals are kept in pens two blocks deep with solid blocks making up the walls. They will occasionally glitch through fences or gates in between the pens especially during temporal storms but I've never had one glitch out of a lowered and covered pen.
  3. I've had this happen if the % of quality was higher than what displays on the item they want. If they want boots at 76% and I have a pair that's 77%they won't buy until I run around wearing them to wear them out to 76% or lower.
  4. If it continues to show after entering the game again use a bucket with water to fill the space (control+RM).
  5. I decided to do some simple automating to speed up my chores at my homestead. It's a basic setup of a labeled chest sitting on an elbow chute leading into a 4 way chute. The three open ends feed into the long sides of small troughs for my chickens. The bug is that if I place 24 flax grain in the chest to fill the 3 troughs the troughs straight out will fill while the two to the sides will only get 3-4 portions each. The chest is empty as well as the chute sections, if I break the full trough I not only get the 8 grain it should hold I also get the other 8-10 portions that didn't go to the othe
  6. There are dead falls and snares in this mod (great for killing rabbits, chickens, raccoons, and your toes.) You can also set up mob capture traps that require more work... just make sure to remember where you set them up or you'll find yourself in one.
  7. If all you want is fish then trotlines are the best route that I've found. A stake at each end and enough cordage to fill in the water blocks in between. You can run trotlines side by side to take advantage of every water block. If you want shells or the special "not to be named" items as well as fish use weirs and fish baskets but they are much slower. Individual fishing lines can be run but since they are the same materials as a trotline I rarely use them.
  8. Well I tried. Unfortunately I'm still too new to the game to know where the screenshot settings for the game are kept. At least this has eliminated the possibility of old or corrupt settings/files being the problem. Only other thing I can think of to try is what Streetwind suggested and checking your permissions for your operating system.
  9. I just saved out the saves folder for my single player games and you can get by with just the mods folder to avoid re-downloading. I wrote down my server info. The rest will be repopulated on game load and connecting to your online server. You'll lose your map data and have to fill it back in but any way points you have marked are kept somewhere else so they will still be there. The player data folder I wouldn't save just in case there's old settings causing problems in there.
  10. I would have to check but if I remember correctly there will be a save folder inside the vintagestorydata folder.
  11. I was able to "fix" the problem by moving my saves folder to my desktop then completely uninstalling the game. After that I re-downloaded the latest installer, started the game up, quit, then dropped my save folder back in.
  12. Step 2: Basic setup options. There are two options for setting up an automatable tool at first: 1) Direct connection and 2) Indirect connection via large gears. Option 1 only allows one machine to be run off of a windmill at any given time while option 2 allows you to run more than one machine off of a windmill and with transmissions you can turn on and off the machine you want to run at that time. Option two Is best because it allows for more windmills to be added as you build up the materials needed. Speaking of building up, below is a picture of six windmills running one large gear like I u
  13. Ok, here goes..... basics of windmill setup step 1: assure proper clearance. This trips ALOT of people up, there are 5 sets of sails in groups of 4 that can be added to a rotor to get to max size sails. That means 5 blocks of clearance right? Wrong! The sails while spinning will actually clip into the sixth block out and if that's a solid block you get broken sails (all of them, not just the end pieces) that will despawn while you're blissfully thinking everything is fine. Make sure you have 6 blocks of clearance in all directions from the rotor.
  14. Sorry I forgot to post pictures like I meant to. I'll take care of that later tonight or tomorrow afternoon.
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