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Temporal disc, made by chissel and temporal gear or found as very seldom loot - same function like Enderman pearl in MC


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What, about a temporal disc (frisbee), it should be found very seldom too, like a temporal gear.
You cant repair Translocators with this temporal-disc, but you can throw it away, in the air, like a spear. And
after this disc is hitting on a surface, you will be teleported like in MineCraft into this place.

Or, you can chissel this temporal gear into a temporal disc, it can fly bit better like a gear, its flys like a frisbee.

You can use it only one time.

Oh, I have a second Idea, if we will have one day flying birds, what about a boomerang? You could use it for hunting  :D - but handling would be very tricky ...

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