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  1. My worst start was in a dark, large forrest, surrounded by wolves in the very first minute(s). End my second worst start, it was with nice hills, nice flatlands, but believe me or believe me not, I found no any flax seed and also no nearly no any seeds in a nice amount!!!!!! I did quit this world after 2 hours. btw. in ver first in-game month I get mostly a full stack of flax! I find every day some flax here and there ....
  2. helo, what about other wind directions? Not only westwind? I knew, on earth mostly the wind comes from west, but maybe other winddirections later useful for stuff, like hot air baloon, sailing. Other wind directions can also be a forrecast for weather, North wind => you will get soon snow, cold days, South wind => warm weather but wet, some shorter showers, short thunderstorms East Wind => warm and dry weather on summer, but maybe rare but very heavy thunderstorms, and cold + dry weather winter West Wind => very rainy, either cold - neither warm .... it is okay, that most of the wind directions / mostof the days still westwind. Maybe 52% westwind, 16% east, 16%north, 16% south ...
  3. sorry you are right, but fireclay I see, not blueclay
  4. How I build the new clay oven for better bread baking? I found nothing about the new clay oven either in the ingame handbook, neither in the wiki. Thnx, for help ... edit: oh I see, I need fireclay and not blueclay
  5. I still don't know - how build the clay oven, for the new bread baking mechanic in 1.15, very poor documentation.
  6. You can turn on/off Windeffects Crop-Dying via commands, would be fine to see this via User Interface in a next update , Crop Dying seems to be interesting in a single game, not good in a multiplayer game. Wind effects for me to strong. I play now without wind effects. If it is possible maybe one day see not only On/Off for Windeffects, maybe also WindEffect-On-100%/ Wind-Moderate-On-50% / Windeffect-Off would be very nice. Tweak: Can now disable wind affected player and creature movement via /worldconfigcreate bool windAffectedEntityMovement false Tweak: Can now disable crop death via /worldconfigcreate bool allowCropDeath false
  7. I wish also, we would have also other windirections, because wind has now more influence if you walk, only westwind thats bit weird. I think 4 (+east, +north, + south) would be fine or even 8 directions (+northeast, +northwest and so on).
  8. Did you have testet there EXILE (Subgame)? -Thats very hard, maybe some inspirations for VS too.
  9. You can look for fox, he runs mostly away from you. Build first a trap (a hole - w2 blocks deep), near by your garden. This Fox will kill rabbits and with luck you get some bit extra flesh and fur.
  10. Hi dear Vintagers, I got an crazy idea, during hunting, what about, that animals turns into Monsters, especially if you hunt them and plus it is an unstable area. So you are the hunter but in these regions you will be hunted from these animal-monsters, even a little rabbit turns into a bad Monster!
  11. yes, I own at home also a carbon-steel knife, its very very sharp, but the negative aspect, it get fast rust by water and acid. The only two pros are the sharpnes of this knife and grinding is also bit more easy. And water becomes even more dangerous if it is salty water (if one day we have oceans) or acid water, some caves ore lakes could have acid or salty water too
  12. What do you think, if we would have the problem of rust for metaltools and swords? Wetness should be da danger for swords and tools, durability decreases in rain, fog, snow, swimming => Durability will go down. With Maintenance oil (good against Rust), and sharpening (we also need whetstones) increases the lifespan and sharpness of tools and swords. Caring by oiling and sharpening could also be a nice homework or night work. Edit: the same danger for the Armor - if there are parts from metal ...
  13. It would be also nice to have some bite more icons maybe - relevant PeriodicSystem Elements - Cu for Copper, Fe for Iron, Bi for Bismuth .. e.g. not only the pickaxe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Periodic_table Skull icon for dangerous places Dog / Wolf icon, Sheep / Pig icon
  14. And did you give bread more saturation again? In 1.14 e.g. spelt bread did have 300 saturation points, but in 1.15 I see for a spelt bread only 100 saturation points.
  15. maybe some more drifter types too, one or more drifter types with ranged attack. One drfiter could be like a zombie, killing him is not enough, you should have burn him, if you don't burn him (with a campfire e.g.), he will 'reborn' after some seconds too a much more dangerous - revenant/zombie drifter.
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