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  1. yes, and maybe 8 days growtime to easy 96 sounds very hard. with 8 days and 10 days month, I can get 3-5x in year food from my big garden.
  2. RobinHood


    thats sounds good, and Cistern construction should also be a must in arid, semi-arid areas, maybe also in wet areas, because even in humid areas you have some very hot and very dry summers. Like in Europe in 1540, 2018 and 2019 e.g.
  3. helo, this game, the very first winter was very, very, very hard for me, but now - the second winter will come soon, I see, that I have an overproduction of food - can I sell it? I did see, that one trader needs bred. But I have so much pig-flesh, onions, flax and so on .... Even two dry periods (I have very often rain, and very often rain => climatzone) but not irrigation in my garden - could not destroy a lot, I have so so much food .... Maybe this game needs rats, mices, cockroaches - and much more crop failures - harvest devatsing hailstorms. Raccoons and rabbits, have n
  4. A trader wants pink-tinted-glas, thats made by rose quartz, but where I found it? Also like Quartz? Or in a special area?
  5. There are also other things, waht I don't like on the map ... white (person mark) on white snow not fine, thats true. Maybe an option to deactivate seasons-changing on the map would be fine too, I want have the map homogenus. I see "old snow" rests from the first year. It would be also fine, that stonepaths and other paths would have an other color too, you cant see roads very well on the map.
  6. secret code, mentioned dwarfes. Maybe we can get Dwarf ncp? I like also Battle For Wesnoth game, they can tame gryphons/gryphs. Maybe a tamed gryphon would be very fine to travel via sky. But buying a gryph should be very expensive, e.g. rusty 512 gears. Maybe Dwarfes can tame also wolfes and bears, bit less expensive. And maybe we could have 2 fractions of dwarfes, friendly one and non-friendly - an aggrassive dwarf can throw axes - would a perfect range enemie. Just an idea Dwarfes should spawn mostly nearby great mountains. And about Gryphons, they should be also found in high maunt
  7. Prospecting Pickaxe also for archaeological research? You could use it to explore hidden (covered with soil) ruins and later, if we have maybe this in the game also abandon catacombs, cemeteries in the game. Or a similar arch-pickaxe
  8. neat, are you on deviantart.com too? Thats my page too https://www.deviantart.com/zeropainter
  9. Movable wooden chair and wooden table when you walk against it. No matter that you have to take it in your hand / in your inventory. I use the table as a mobile ladder for storing food. And wish, when you run something against it, that the chair or table can move. Moving by collision .... The ground should be flat for it. Otherwise it does not work or it falls down (staircase for example). oh, a craftable moving ladder would be also very neat. I mean a thing like this e.g. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/i/233410145168-0-1/s-l1600.jpg
  10. RobinHood


    thats not working, chatwindow is popping up, I changed for this reason some other shortcuts with CTRL. Filling Barrel with water no problem, just RMB. Edit: Ah okay, its fine I changed my Key for running/sprinting - Tab key much better for my leftt hand.
  11. RobinHood


    How I fill water into a hole? My climate is - rain very often, but in my second summer I have now a second dry-periode - so I will fill water holes. Giving water with a can - thats bad. My field is very big. I have a bucket, but can't fill, I place my bucket with water in the hole, but not only water. Like in real life, in 1386 I did got nearly every day raining in the summer, but 1387 is a very dry summer. So I need irrigation.
  12. Or the traders are fixed, but all connected to one another. Fixed traders could have a market place in a village. If one day we have villages. Btw. what about a tavern in a village too? And here we could made a minigame, e.g. playing cards (Somnium is a sweet minigame in Ashes of Erebus, a ModMod for CIV IV), we could win or loose gears (curency), play with a treasure or provocate a fight.
  13. Mauntain Forrest, very neat look, with 2 little Waterfalls, but I never go into this forrest, its a wolf hotspot too .... you see 2 sleepings wolfes too ....
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