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Golden Age Overhaul: A VS Overhaul Mod in the Style of Minecraft Beta


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Golden Age Overhaul is a mod meant to completely change progression and evoke the feel of Minecraft Beta - when Minecraft was more about building than adventuring. It is separated into multiple packages, with as many as possible capable of standing on their own. There aren't enough packages to consider it a full overhaul yet, but features will be released as they are completed.

The packages can be found on the mod database:

Stone Pickaxes: Adds simple stone pickaxes. They can mine anything copper can, allowing you to skip collecting ore stones off the surface. Made through knapping. At some point, I might adjust it so that copper and stone are Tier 1, requiring you to make a copper pickaxe, but that's low on my priority list.

Cobble Drop: Make raw rock drop cobblestone when mined instead of stones. You can smash it with a hammer in the crafting grid to get stones, if you need them.

Bonus cosmetic mod I've made:

Debark Fix: Wood grain runs along the length of a log, no matter which direction it is oriented.

Formerly known as MCB Overhaul.

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Renamed, added Debark Fix.
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