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V1.15-pre1 : minor bugs


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- When loading a 1.14.10 map : ladders not renderred (replaced by a white generic cube with a red question mark on its faces) and not passable (must be broken).

In a 1.15 generated world (vanilla game) :

- Cannot load charcoal into the forge. I get what look like an empty pop-pup instead. Ingots can be placed in the forge. EDIT : cannot place charcoal on ground, which, in turn prevent to place it into the forge. It seems to be related to the new "drawn art" functionnality which draws hand shapes when you have a charcoal in hand, and seems to take precedence on charcoal placement.



- cannot eat a meal in a bowl without putting in on the ground first (the bowl places at the center of the chosen ground block). And once empty, cannot get the bowl back in the inventory. Have to break it first. But if I place an empty bowl on the ground from the inventory, the bowl take place in one corner of the ground block (not in the center) and can be picked up as usual.

- item collect mode : even in "only collect when sneaking" mode, if I have an item in the inventory and get close to another item of the same kind, but which lays at heigth 1 or 2, it will be automatically collected. If the item is on the ground (height 0, same level as my feet), it will not be collected.


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