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  1. I generally dig a moat (height=2 of course) at the location I want to settle poultry. This moat is a long ditch, making a line. Then I manage to chase a rooster, this is the difficult part of the process, because I have to stand constantly "behind" the rooster, so it can flee heading the ditch. Once it has fallen in the ditch (with hens, preferably), I narrow the length of this ditch, build a fence around, and allow the poultry to exit before filling it.
  2. I gave up with using fence gates with animals. I now only use a basic ladder above the fence. It's quicker to cross, and no risk to let an animal escape when crossing. If you have snow, you can put this ladder on top of a double fence, you can still reach it.
  3. For the next death, just note your coordinates (I assume you have pressed 'V' during the game to always have your current coordinates and orientation on display) as soon as you die, before clicking "respawn", then run to this spot. Later, when you'll have a time gear, you'll can use it to change the respawn location. By placing this starting point in your base, right near a sword on a tool rack, you'll have less difficult to recover your inventory.
  4. May be because farm milk is so fat that the bowl slips from your fingers.
  5. Heading to the south on the same map till pre1, I have found only 3 purple heartwood (at 75000 south from starting (temperate) point), I don't remember having seen crimson king (but I'm not sure) and zero walnut (for sure, this time).
  6. I think it's a good feature. If you could have iron/steel spears, how would you play ? You would stack iron and steel, and produce all your weapons out of this. And you would forget about bronze age. As the spear is a very powerful weapon, thanks to its attack range, you always want to have one in your hand, and so, you still search for silver, gold, tin and bismuth to produce all flavors or bronze. I like that.
  7. This is Karl and Noah, couple of traders in the heat of the savannah, settled around a ruin with all modern comfort. I don't know if this is a bug or a new feature in v1.15. If you want to meet them, generate the following world with 1.15.0-pre2 : width=heigth=512k, seed=1791128181 and /tp to the shown coordinates.
  8. Not only fences. A few days ago, I perfectly saw a drifter jumping out of the pit (depth 2) in which they fall during the night. There was no snow and no other mob, item or drifter that could have been used as a stepladder. He just escaped ! Most players already have experienced the same thing.
  9. Did you connect the output of the windmill directly on the axle of the large wheel ? Or on the side, on one of the four slots available on the large wheel ? In the first case, that could be your problem. I had the same kind of problem until someone explained that you should put the windmill on one slot of the large wheel, and the devices to power on the 3 other slots (or 2 windmills and 2 devices, or even 2 large wheels linked by their axle, the windmills on one wheel, the devices to power on the other).
  10. Go to https://account.vintagestory.at/ See the last little line "Preview releases of Vintage Story v1.15 (for testers and modders)"
  11. - When loading a 1.14.10 map : ladders not renderred (replaced by a white generic cube with a red question mark on its faces) and not passable (must be broken). In a 1.15 generated world (vanilla game) : - Cannot load charcoal into the forge. I get what look like an empty pop-pup instead. Ingots can be placed in the forge. EDIT : cannot place charcoal on ground, which, in turn prevent to place it into the forge. It seems to be related to the new "drawn art" functionnality which draws hand shapes when you have a charcoal in hand, and seems to take precedence on charcoal placement.
  12. Many thanks, Tyron, Many thanks to all the team. What a great job.
  13. This is approximately the same configuration as yours. Everything is Ok.
  14. My bad. I thought you were talking about creating charcoal (I read firepit, I thought charcoal pit). That's why I did not understand your problem I'll give a try the same config, to see if I encounter the same problem.
  15. No, I don't think so. The only mandatory device is the trough. You can perfectly roll the domestication process with your animals in a pit, you just have to give them a trough and fill it. I even noticed that animals partially domesticated who manage to escape from their yard don't flee but stay around, probably attracted by the trough.
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