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Wattle World


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Wattle World


What it is
Wattle World, from the term "wattle and daub" buffs the amount of plaster blocks you receive from crafting and increases the materials you can craft plaster with.
- Using sand: x2 blocks (from x1 in vanilla)
- Using dirt: x4 blocks
- Using cob: x6 blocks
- Using strewn straw: x8 blocks

Wattle and Daub, referred to as simply "plaster" ingame, as a building material was very prevalent in medieval Europe. Despite its ubiquity in historical buildings, it's rather annoying to acquire ingame, thus limiting how commonly a player might use it. 

Limestone, can sometimes a chore to find and also a chore to grind (literally), making it a very time intensive material to acquire. Sand being mandatory in the recipes also severely limits plaster's access to players who set up shop in grassy, soil-heavy areas-- the exact places you would expect to see Wattle and Daub structures! It is more economical in every way to just use planks-- but that's very boring.

In the future
Considering making additional wattle and daub blocks that would represent more primitive versions of the material, with untreated, muddy daub and rudimentary timber supports using firewood. This would provide players with a low-tech, but still aesthetically pleasing material to build with in T0.


Download at the mod website!

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