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  1. Would it be possible to see a "mixed seeds" item in the future? I often have a hodgepodge of assorted seeds that I'd like to press all at once but I can't. Pressing them individually wastes a lot of time and a lot of seeds that are odd intervals of the recipe. I imagine you could craft it like... regular seed + regular seed = x2 assorted seeds assorted seeds + regular seed = x2 assorted seeds
  2. Don't try and tweak the cure time, tweak the game time. I accelerated my game time by several orders of magnitude and eventually saw the resin cure.
  3. Ah, that was the missing link. Thanks!
  4. What am I missing regarding berry bread?
  5. When filleting, tenderizing, and chopping the fish into bits, they are more than capable of filling your hunger when thrown into a stew with cranberries. It might also be a good idea to add gradual degradation of the trotlines' hooks and lures, or make it so that fish can get away if you do not harvest quickly enough.
  6. I'm a bit concerned with balance regarding fishing. I've set up 12 copper trotline hooks with copper lures, and these things get fish non-stop, even in the winter. This has made my first winter rather trivial, as even though I had to preserve my other limited foodstuffs, I have a constant supply of fish to keep my protein satiety up. Would it be possible, perhaps, to lower certain fish catch chances based on the side of the body of water and temperature? Additionally it might help to have diminishing returns for more hooks; putting 12 hooks in a small pond as opposed to 6 probably
  7. Encountered a CTD when shift-clicking a primitive survival raw fish fillet into a storage locker. It has worked many other times, just not this time, apparently. Running 1.4.8-B https://pastebin.com/D1K8bK7i
  8. Wattle World What it is Wattle World, from the term "wattle and daub" buffs the amount of plaster blocks you receive from crafting and increases the materials you can craft plaster with. - Using sand: x2 blocks (from x1 in vanilla) - Using dirt: x4 blocks - Using cob: x6 blocks - Using strewn straw: x8 blocks Why Wattle and Daub, referred to as simply "plaster" ingame, as a building material was very prevalent in medieval Europe. Despite its ubiquity in historical buildings, it's rather annoying to acquire ingame, thus limiting how commonly a player might use it.
  9. I suppose not, but I saw this and decided to ask.
  10. Am I blind, or is there no clay recipe for the large hook mold?
  11. On the topic of tenderizing meat, I'm running into this bizzarre issue where tenderization is leading to item duplication. https://streamable.com/eb7uju
  12. I am a bit confused regarding the new oil lamp recipe. Is it possible to get oil from fat? I tried melting it in a saucepan and putting it in a press to no avail.
  13. Could we possibly see CarryCapacity support for this mod?
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