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Anti-griefing tools.


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I would like to suggest the addition of a couple of small, simple functions aimed at adding some anti-griefing tools to a multiplayer server.

-The First suggestion is a small tool that would would simply be used to add a player's name to any "item" such as tools, furniture, chests, etc, similar to the way a player's name used to be added to reinforced blocks. (That feature seems to have been removed at some point, as I no longer see my name on reinforced blocks on my single player test world where I'm trying out the most recent pre-release). 

I'd recommend a tool that can be used in the same way as the plumb and square- right click an item with the tool and it adds your name to it, click again to remove your name- but only the "owner" can remove their name.  No durability loss, and no additional resources needed. Player's name could be added by right clicking placed items, items in containers, or by alt-freeing up the mouse and right clicking an item in a player's inventory.  When any player hovers over the item, the owner's name would be seen in the block info overlay, and same when hovering over an item in a chest or in inventory.

If a small text gui would pop up and allow us to add a custom name to an item as well, that would be fun. ;)

-The second anti-griefing tool would be a server utility that would record every player's action in the server world when breaking and placing blocks and items.  At the very least, a utility that would record the breaking of reinforced blocks and the picking up/placing of items.

I hear that there is a Minecraft server plugin that does this, among other things, called coreprotect, I think.  Wondering how hard it might be to add something similar that would record all server player/block interactions or that would, as I said, at least record interactions with items and reinforced blocks.

The purpose of these tools would be for multiplayer server anti-griefing purposes. It would give the server admin all info needed to settle disputes when unfortunate things like stealing occur.


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