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Color marking for domesticated animals


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Playing on TOPTS, 1.14.10.

Wild sheep keep spawning right near my sheep den or right inside of it.
Quite confusing, like "Nooooo, they escaped my den! Oh wait!".
Or suddenly 2 wild rams appear inside of the den. (when I was away ofc).

So some marking system might benefit people, who breed animals with the goal to progress to 10th generation.

Maybe pigments can be used, or leather collars with markings. For early game two pigments - black and white - would suffice for initial marking of "generation to keep" and "generation to butcher".

Maybe some primitive paintings, based on the cave-paintings, can be added, like on the sides of animals.

Idk about chickens though. They are the most annoying type :D But have no place for any distinguishable drawings or markings :D

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This is true to real life, farmers will dye sheep wool to determine between them, I think its a good fit. For chickens all I can think of would be something like a tag made of leather to go around a leg. If there was some more variation, and a system for genetics so new generations would inherit their parents markings maybe that would help in tracing bloodlines a little. I would like to see animals slowly become less wild looking with each generation, that would be cool, Like, a wild boars offspring slowly starts to look more like a modern farm pig, or an aurochs slowly becomes a cow etc

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