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  1. Currently roads made of path blocks increase player speed 1.2 times. This is quite good and noticeable, but feels not enough, I don't feel getting a good reward after all the labor. For long distances the time is still quite long. E.g. on the chrometech server I live about 500 blocks from Spawn and when I need to run there or to another player through Spawn, I don't like it because it is a long routine run. I cringe a bit every time I think about it. I.e. when I build a road I do it to choose a less worse variant, not because I want to get something nice and comfortable into the gameplay. To get less pain instead of replacing an early routine gameplay mechanics with something end-game enjoyable. I would like roads to be something which gives me enjoyment each time I use it and makes me feel proud of all the labor I invested. Or make me feel grateful to the road builder each time. This can be achieved e.g. by making the road speed multiplier dynamic, slowly increasing when you are on the road, up to much significant value. Thus you will have no problems when just crossing the road, and will get a nice speed boost when really traveling far. Also this hopefully will increase number of roads on servers, e.g. I would consider building roads to specific stone type quarries. And in future to specific wood time high-efficient tree farms, if trees growth will be limited by biome. Ofc in future transport mechanics might be more diverse and sophisticated, e.g. carts, horses, etc. Maybe until it is implemented addition of dynamic speed multiplier can make server interactions more enjoyable.
  2. If my example method is too easy, it can be complicated. E.g. chances in #2 can be 0.01% and 1%. What I feel really sad about is that some nice game features are not accessible for survival players. And these features are not just nice, they are the most beautiful among all other things in the game.
  3. VS has at least one tree type which can't be grown artificially in survival: big oak. These trees are very beautiful and are very desirable for some builds. Please consider adding ways to be able to grow them artificially, e.g.: There should be a low chance of a tree to grow into big form This chance is about 0.01% in non-native biomes and about 10%(easy approach)/1%(hard approach) in native ones. The chance can be improved by some fertilizer, e.g. 5 times Soil under such tree must be high fertility soil in some surface radius and some depth, e.g. r=6, h=3, otherwise chances of big tree spawning become worse, especially if remaining soil is low fertility. ( idea stolen from RedRam's comment in the thread) The succesfully grown big tree can turn high fertility soil into low fertility one. The bigger chance in native biomes can be another diversity factor for people to search and choose a specific place for their base. The idea was inspired by (or plainly stolen from) https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues/issues/235
  4. Together we live outside, shivering and jumping. Joyfully we think: "Why others are so incompetent that they stumble on Diamagnetism; we're Drunk with power and that shivers our spine." Today
  5. Lol, it suddenly appeared in 1.8. Awesome! Marking as implemented then.
  6. VS have a nice particle system. Good example - color torches. They have brightly colored heads and nice color particles raising from them. They make good additions to builds (currently creative only). But currently they are planned to be replaced by colored lanterns (for survival at least). Which is definitely more believable but I guess lanterns will not have particles and will not be brightly colored in general, because metal takes most of the texture. Maybe add some stuff for players to use colored particles in builds? Maybe braziers? With maybe ability to adjust particle output parameters by materials used in crafting or as fuel. E.g. size of a particle and number of particles per second. E.g. adding more coloring substance will increase particle size, and adding more fuel - number per second.
  7. So stone bricks appear in underground dungeons now. E.g. I saw granite ones. They look great and can be a good end-game material, an improvement of cobblestone. But getting them via exploration is not very reliable, they become too time-expensive, especially on multiplayer servers. Why not allow players to craft them, with some expensive enough recipe? E.g. Can be done from raw stone block only => checkerboard quarry in needed. Made from raw stone similar as firewood from logs - crafting in grid with pickaxe and hammer. This may create an additional use for mold-made bronze tools in end-game. I suggest at lest 2 bricks are made from one raw stone block. 1 might be too expensive imho. To create brick blocks u use similar recipe as for blue/fire bricks - with clay. This will make them reasonably expensive: quarrying+tool durability+clay+need quite a lot of bricks to make enough brick blocks. And dungeon-looted bricks will be very desirable, to save on all those resources and crafting time. And this addition can be very cheap development-wise: most brick textures/blocks seems to exist (maybe except stairs/slabs). Stairs/slabs can be copy-pasted from existing blocks. Recipes don't use any unique mechanics, and can be copy-pasted from firewood and from blue brick blocks crafting. Profit!
  8. Another diversity idea, from a proud member of Obsidian Lovers Society. In the end-game all ancient stone tools are obsolete. For some of them it may be fine, they are not too beautiful, a mundane stone showel - who cares, right? The size of the shovel head is so small that yoy can't fit the stone beauty into it. But at least one stone is very pretty - obsidian. I love to knap it and have on tools because of color contrast. Looks great even when knapping, in contrast with voxel grid lines. But current obsidian perks are too minor and have some value only at stone age - why would you make a obsidian spear if a bronze one is much better? Or knife? But maybe it can have other perks, making it still interesting in end-game. Still having a low durability, obsidian tools may e.g. have much higher harvesting speed for knife. Want to harvest cattails superfast but expensive - make 4 obsidian knives. much higher damage with lower durability. One-shot one-time-use spear? You can easily kill a wolf, but in the long run a sword or a metal spear is much more versatile Maybe other stones will be ideal for specific tasks, e.g. for quick digging muddy gravel. Maybe to get these advanced perks a better processing would be required. E.g. if you knap with stone - you get ordinary tool/weapon head. But if knap with a metal tool, or polish after ordinary knapping - an additional perk is added. (Ofc the polishing/sharpening was discussed in great detail in other topics.) [Update:] It is a shame that a nice knapping voxel interface is used only in early game and never after. It is quite beautiful and satifactory, all the sounds and voxels and particles. It would be nice to use it later in the game.
  9. I wouldn't say that glass is easy to make. Costs of fire bricks and coal are quite noticeable.
  10. So yeah, basically why end-game players who are technically advanced so much that can smelt real glass, are limited to using only mid-game and rare resource instead of much better and clearer one? Ofc since they are advanced, they can easily obtain high quantities of clear quartz by bombing or using high-tier fast pickaxe, but still. I would even suggest that lanterns made with real glass give a bit more light, but lower than the gold/silver lining ones. Hehe, and lanterns with lining and glass - more light than current lanterns with lining.
  11. Found anoher explanation angle: in other words, the idea it to continue the world diversity into technology diversity. Ores are in different rocks, they look differently. Why not continue it and process them a bit differently. Not hard to achieve usually, but just to give more personality to each of ore type by source. Same can be e.g. with trees. Currently tree products - logs, planks - are mainly different by colors and burn time. Maybe add other qualities, e.g. durability/strength, so choice of wood for building will actually influence structure size or possible architecture variants. Strength would be especially useful for collapsable building model, like that TFC2 feature iirc, but I am not very eager to see it in VS tbh. Maybe planks, fences, ... from different wood would be more resilent to future damage sources, but for now for axe, i.e. time to break it, making an impression that one wood is stronger than other. Cons are that it might be annoying to play, too routine and time-consuming to code and kinda useless in game. Pros could be that it might improve feeling of the wood, players would start to think in terms hard/soft wood, i.e. "I should make inner decorations in soft wood, but outer fence and core supports in hard wood". I.e. instead of MC way of thinking "what unusual block I can use here to improve decoration value", people might start to think more constructive, which material is better where because of its functionality, not just looks. Maybe various blocks would have some perks. Hmm, hard to think of something attractive right away ... Maybe hay blocks exposed to sky have a small chance to turn into ... compost after a rain. So the hay roofs will need attention and force people to improve them with time, replacing with wood. Weak stones, like chalk cobble, might break if too many blocks above it. Some insects may appear on specific soft woods. Animals may like to lick some stones. Some stones may poison dirt or destroy adjancent wood. Having more specific (or expensive) blocks in one area may atract more merchants ...
  12. My initial idea is to provide more options at the same level of tech ladder. Just add variety so the world/player experience would be more diverse. Ofc it would be better to make such system about bonuses, not about obstacles.
  13. What if different types of ore of the same metal require different extraction/processing? E.g. native copper - just grinding and smelting. Some tetrahedrite - some initial process to separate different metals in it and then use them. Some malachite would require a specific carbon monoxide treating by using some specific firepit/bloomery setup. It may depend from the type of rock this ore was found in. Idk, e.g. sedimentary-hosted ores would require addition of some acidic element while smelting, metamorphic - an alcaline element, etc. This might make ore processing a bit more variative and interesting. When you found a new deposite of ore, it is not just a trivial thing to smelt it like all the ores you had previousely. Maybe some types of ore would require you to have a supply of domesticated animals, some drops from them, but in return you will get drastically more ore. Ofc this would require lot of developers' work and drastic recipe expansion. Also some implementions can simply increase complexity of ore processing without giving much in return. Definitely not worth it unless the idea is improved significantly, with more details and fun.
  14. (With @Saraty revisiting this topic for the incoming worldgen update.) 1. It would be nice to have rocks to cover few more basic pallette colors, like @tony Liberatto said "In essence, give me beautiful blocks to use in my buildings.". Tbh, I don't know exactly what I want, I am very bad with pallettes and color matching, so just general suggestions: A green one. Serpentinite? Malachite? TFC-like schist? In MC the mossy cobblestone /bricks are a very nice option for adding variety to stone buildings. A brown one. No idea A dark one. Well, we have basalt now, I guess. Could be nice to be able to make all types of stone blocks from it. Since it can be generated with lava, might be awesome for big builds. Altho blackish color might not be populare to live in. A purple one Might be nice for mystic builds, altars. Maybe allow obsidian to be crafted into blocks, e.g. polished ones? Currently such a beautiful block can't be used imho. Cobblestone was already rejected as not believable to be made from obsidian. 2. Kinda offtopic to worldgen: it would be nice to have more end-game building blocks for houses. I would like to rebuild my cobble-log-thatch hut into something more presentable, but the only blocks I have are rarely looted bricks (e.g. granite bricks), black bricks and fire clay bricks (without slabs and stairs atm). In MC it could be achieved with polished stone blocks, brick varieties, cracked varieties, mossy ones, etc.
  15. Again another great suggestion following Ashantin's Christmas wishes video. Could locusts rarely (not too rarely) drop ore pieces? It will be an alternative way to get rare ores. So if you are unlucky as a miner - maybe switch to hunting locusts and get teh ore slowly?
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