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  1. So 1.15.1 is out, the stable release. The things are either not addressed or addressed just slightly. Many of the new non-rare trees are still not much farmable. Greenspire cypress after "buff" still gives around 0.9999 seed per tree, so my initial 5 seeds after around 10 iterations are still 5 seeds (were 8 at some point). So I just wasted all this time and tool durability. The tree is not rare and has no purpose except being decorative. Why such harsh limitations are still applied to it? Bald cypress - seems a bit worse, stopped my attempts to propagate. Larch - around 1.1 seeds per tree. Probably slowly farmable, but feels not enough for trading or decorations. I have already payed by travelling north, surviving cold and searching for them, why asking more for this non-rare tree? Redwood seems fine. Walnut seems fine. Ebony and purpleheart - I don't even want to touch that again. Acceptable for solo but not for MP, too many people cutting all down. And the mechanics is just not fun imho, I can't do much with them, considering the current logistics limitations. Crops - an unpleasant russian roulette, I don't enjoy farming any more, always afraid to lose them, always having zero clue if they would survive, zero clues about how temperature behaves etc. Oh, and with the new undisclosed moisture mechanics (it is more important now but no idea what it even means), old farm field designs are bad now, need to make new ones where water and various blocks take more space than the actual farmland and crops, requiring more space and more claims. Also added section about the new wind mechanics, pushing players. Also don't see much reason for this to be in game, except a horror element for "lovecraftian survival", which is fair enough, just I don't like horror games. And btw the claim system is still in the same not user-friendly initial state, basically I can't edit the claims, if changed my build slightly. Can only add new cuboids (5x5x5 min), can't see my other claims at the same time, can't merge them, so my current claim with multiple cuboids is now not very manageable. Or delete claim and claim anew. Again, instead of just a small claim adjustment when adjusted build a bit, have to spend some time on this. So in summary I found myself spending too much time on all the mundane tasks of dangerous farming, risky tree farming, food preparation etc instead of building things and improving public server infrastructure. For now I got too frustrated and stopped playing, just don't feel like returning to the game.
  2. Bug report: v2.0.11 , rc2/rc3 - despite block placement preview is disabled, mod still preview-place rush matting, linen etc.
  3. Really liked the "how to avoid this" vs "this is really fun" point. And lot of other interesting stuff I also disabled waiving foliage long ago, after few tries to play with enabled. It is beautiful, but makes kinda problematic shearing leaves and such. Even with it disabled it is often kinda hard to understand where exactly I need to aim to shear a specific leaf block, because the textures are randomly shifted. This adds beauty ofc, but ... In real live the chaos of natural structures is kinda compensated by our 3D vision and very unique shapes of branches and leaves. With 2d rotated textures filling cubes and us looking at it in 2d it is less easy to sense. Interesting, just now @Drakker wrote something very similar to this discussion in Discord about crops and MP:
  4. Ohh, thank you guys and devs for reading this and discussing! Because of sudden personal matters I haven't read most of the answers yet, hope to get some time today ... Also I have recalled another thing about 3D item objects being too small: surface ore bits, new seeds, ... Updating the original post with it.
  5. Oh, really like the "Growable here" approach, both summarizes and hides all the complexity from the player and still gives stuff to calculate and plan. But it might revert all the complexity developers wanted to add with crops dieing, seasons etc. Btw, a similar thing may be good for food. In addition to "fresh/spoil" tooltip, it could have "will keep satiated for 8-10 days", where 8 is when doing lot of physical activity and 10 when just walking steadily. Maybe I should make it a separate suggestion. I hate crocks for travel So tiny. I would prefer to take cooking pot, since it has 6 portions and doesn't rot too soon. Crocks are imho more for harsh winters. Yeah, weight system would allow to pick flowers and similar light stuff just along the main travel, nice.
  6. So 1.15 update is huge and super cool. Lot of new beautiful features to enjoy. But after playing for few weeks, few new features, or older features keep annoying me, making my gaming less enjoyable. Just want to describe them here, maybe to get some insight from other players or devs. Some sections are of lesser quality - I recalled them later and was a bit tired already from the writing. Will update the post and put additional comment if I recall anything more in futire. Rare trees Summary: impossible to propagate, encourages extermination of forests. So we got several cool new rare trees: bald cypress, greenspire cypress, ebony, purple heart, larch, walnut. (I have not found purple, larch, walnut and too lazy to experiment in creative with them. Maybe they have the same "issue", maybe not.) Ebony and purpleheart are described in changelog as "rare and hard to propagate". But all these trees seem to share the same problem. They give approximately 0.2-0.5 seeds for fully sheared tree. Even "non-rare" like both cypresses. The tiny greenspire gives a seed per like 5-6 trees (and they are quite rare). So no way to cut and replant for others. No way to propagate artificially at my base. All I can do is to travel few times and exterminate the forest to get the logs and few saplings. Or scavenge vast distances for greenshire cypress and exterminate it everywhere. I really don't like exterminating stuff, even flowers and berry bushes. I did hope that "hard to propagate" means some hard mechanics, some additional actions necessary, e..g. to have a special south forward base = tree farm. Or (like a person on Discord or ingame chat said) resin-like mechanics, encouraging keeping forests intact and visiting them to get more seeds. Or mushroom-like. Dead crops / climate info absence Summary: makes me enjoy farming much less, having no instrument to control the danger to my crops So now planted crops die if accumulated heat/cold damage is greater than 48 hours. Before 1.15 they just gave reduced harvest. The problem is that if crop died before maturing, it returns no yield and sometimes returns no seeds. This is very punishing especially when you have only few seeds to start. This is tightly connected to another "issue", which now becomes more important: We don't have any mechanics in game to forecast approximate temperatures in future. Moreover, temperatures may have random swings to cold or heat, thus killing crops even if we have accumulated statistics. For a new player, who have just found some seeds, there is no way to predict what would temperature be in the next few days.Sure, now at noon it is 20C and at midnight it is 0C. Does it mean that tomorrow there will be no -5 at night? Nope Or maybe it is today when the anomaly happened and whole next week it will be 10C noon, -10C midnight. So planting crops becomes risky and unpredictable, without any way to control it. Especially on servers, where time goes by, and if real life not allows me to login one evening, I will definitely get at least reduced yields. Maybe some calendar can be added, showing average temperatures per day with possible deviations? Food updates make travelling hard Summary: absence of foods dedicated for traveling makes traveling less enjoyable Before 1.15 we had a decent traveling food - bread. It had decent satiety, good fresh time, can be made in decent quantities by manual management of multiple firepits. And when eaten freed the inventory, so we can carry more stuff on the way home. Now charred bread is kinda useless - satiety is nearly the same as grain, so not worth wasted time to prepare. Ordinary bread has less fresh time and requires multiple ovens and lot of firewood. Pies are decent, but also not much of a fresh time iirc. Also probably don't stack much. Whole pumpkin stews were removed, so meals are not that worth for travel. Also require to carry pots/crocks/bowls, taking precious inventory. So it kinda hard to forecast how much food should I carry into the journey, how long will it stay fresh, etc. Instead of exploring I have to do food management. Inventory size stays the same while number of items grows Summary: despite having more items in game and more items char has to carry, inventory size does not grow from release to release 6 of 10 hotbar slots are usually taken by weapons and tools, only 4 are free. There is no way to quickly swap hotbar slots, e.g. buy some prepared belts, so I ether have to use only 4 slots when doing some work, or constantly manually swap the 6 slots into inventory and back. Same with inventory. We have more and more stuff to explore, to carry with use when exploting (food), and carry home, but still the same inventory size. Maybe increase capacity of mid and end game carryable containers with every big release? Hotbar quick swap would also be cool. E.g. I can pre-fill my forestry tool belt, my warriot tool belt, my builder or miner belts, farming belt. And quick swap them when needed? Chat Summary: with lot of people actively playing, chat may be distracting, without a way to opt-out Game becomes more popular, 1.15 attracts people to servers General chat contains both chat and in-game events notifications - temporal storms. When people actively play together, they talk a lot, and this is good. But this makes chat window to constantly appear on the screen, distracting me from my gameplay if I want to just focus on game for now. And if I disable chat auto-opening, I will miss temporal storm warnings. Sure, I can ask people to create a group. But it is not a very easy task, with all the commands. And most people are not comfortable with asking others to stop talking in general chat And it will turn problems of less talkative people into problems for more talkative So imho some improvement is required. I guess I would like to have an option to make chat window appear only when a global notification comes, e,g. of temporal storm, Or when somebody really asks everyone on the server of something. Multiplayer game becomes too disruptive on real life Summary: playing VS multiplayer controls my real life too much So in single player mode we can just press Esc and game will be paused indfinitely. Or can exit the game at any moment and resume when convenient. In multiplayer this is impossible ofc. Which is expected. But with the mechanics becoming more complicated and punishing, game starts to disrupt real life. With all the food spoilage, crops dieing - I have to login often just to make sure I harvested the crops before the season, used the food, not just letting it rot, etc. While it might be fun and even good for the game, sometimes it actually makes me think of stopping playing. Game kinda controls when I should play. Sometimes I would prefer not to plant crops or manage meals because don't know when I login again. And after not playing for few days it does not feel good to come back to the game to dead crops and rotted storage and spending time on all that instead of just finishing a build. Also I can't just afk for a bit, because a temporal storm may come and kill me or if I am safe ruin the game for everybody else who wanted to sleep through And if I am exploring far lands, I can't just logoff for the day - food will rot. I have to keep playing. Or make a temporary cellar which mitigates the issue slightly. Some dropped 3D items are too small Summary: new 3D item models are beautiful but tiny when dropped, stressful to eyes and players are missing the beauty The surface copper bits are one of the first achievements of a player and one of the first detailed shiny 3D item objects they see. They are beautiful, but when dropped - they are too tiny to enjoy their beauty. Same with the new tree seeds - they are so cool with their simple but detailed enough 3D model, but we NEVER see it in 3D - in inventory it is 2D, on the ground it is kinda just a small dark dot. And searching for them puts a lot of strain on my eyes. Sure, I can just run around and pick them up. But it would really be cool if finally getting some seed from a tree was a very distinguishable moment, you clearly saw a decent sized beautiful seed dropping from leaves and falling onto the ground. Many games exaggerate the size of dropped items or highlight them with outline or spark effects, to make them more visible for players. Btw, a similar thing with e.g stone tools/weapons. E.g. spears are quite big and enjoyable when thrown and stuck, but when dropped from inventory or put on tool rack - they are small. Good thing we can enjoy their models when carrying them in active hand. Wind pushing player Summary: wind pushing player has no use, supports only some graphical settings and is frustrating This is mostly a repetition of other player's messages, but I agree with them after experiencing it. The new wind mechanic, pushing player around is extremely annoying and not fully implemented. Multiple people said they disable "waiving foliage" either because of FPS drop or because it makes the game too stressful to eyes and harder to hit plant things with tools. E.e. when shearing trees the leaves are shifted from the hitbox, so it is not always easy to hit the correct block to shear. Waiving foliage makes it worse. And in general, even though it makes the game prettier, I prefer to disable it to reduce visual noise on the screen. As others said, with it disabled I have nearly no clue when wind starts to blow and push me around. Basically what I feel as if my controls are bugged or the game has some lag. Imho when the wind is able to push the character, it should be quite a storm clearly visible by lot of debris flying around and heavy sound. And the visual/hearing clues should come first, before the actual pushing is happening. Because if not - why not just randomly shift player position from time to time, making him/her fall into ravines or miss targets etc. This mechanics kinda has no use, feels like it was added just to annoy people and mess with their controls. Which is fine since the game is "lovecraftian survival", i.e. a bit of horror, but definitely not my type of games.
  7. Thanks for the great mod! Found you a new bug Character reacts to keys G, WASD, Space when typing in chat. First I thought it is vanilla's bug, but then it was discovered I somehow failed to disable mods before testing, even though put "No" to "Mods" section This is definitely VSHUD 2.0.52 https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues/issues/1032
  8. Может стены из неправильного материала, не из земли/камня/керамики? Как-то 5x5 маловато будет.
  9. MIddle mouse button is very useful for creative. You can place a palette of blocks near your build and switch building blocks eeasier and with visual aid. Why not make the same for survival, would be a nice QoL imrpovement? If player looks at a block A and presses the middle mouse button, game checks if player has this block A as an item in inventory, and if found - exchanges locations of the block-item A and the currently selected item in hotbar. Additionally, if no block is currently lokked at, the game attempts to move the currently selected item from hotbar to inventory. This will help to clear hotbar from unnecessary items faster, without opening the inventory and shift-clicking.
  10. Knives are very intensively used in game for many tasks: butchering, leatherworking, grass harvesting, ... So players craft them constantly. Adding scrap knife as a possible craft from scrap weapon kits would make metal scrap useful even for end-game players, since most of the scrap weapons are inferior in comparison to middle- and end-game weapons. Scrap knives will still be a decent improvised weapon. Maybe two knives per scrap weapon kit. Or! As an additional highly probable drop when crafting any scrap weapon
  11. Currently if I have an iron or steel knife, I butcher corpses with the same speed as with a stone knife. Butchering is one of the most frequent uses for knives, so it would be nice to have a faster butchering speed for better knives.
  12. Please improve water placing mechanics to allow easier flooding of deep areas. Would allow players to make nice artificial lakes, flood exhausted mines, etc. Currently is it possible kinda layer by layer, but is quite tedious.
  13. From Discord, by Blowtorch#5373: "Minor graphic change I guess but: Make the ladders you make from sticks look more like the new stick door. It'd definitely make them look more ramshackle. And if it's easier maybe have a ladder from planks that produces more with the current texture and have the stick one only produce the current three." My addition: Or make the ladders from boards give you speed boost. Would be great for temporal translocator booths on servers (usually a booth on surface and the translocator quite deep below). Similar to like paths currently do.
  14. Let traders sell chicks/piglets/lambs. This would allow people a backup option to get some animals, e.g. when they have no animals around, or want to move the base. Since trader already sell wold pups, the mechanics is already there, so it might be a cheap addition The suggestion list contains "picking up animals", which is another great way to get this, and additionally to manage animals inside the den easier, but nothing about trading. Addition from Kat#5809: Maybe even a specific livestock trader that comes with the homestead update-- sells tools (like buckets, clippers), animal babies, maybe even populated skeps? Buys animal products?
  15. An amazing suggestion by Talespinner#5744 from Discord: "Make seashells a possible drop from panning sand? (IRL I have seen stretches of beach that are almost entirely crushed shell.)" Personally I love this. Very good for both early lime and for collecting.
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