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Motivation to explore the world and build your own village (or kingdom)


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I use Google translator a lot.

I think the game should take some things from Terraria. This encourages the player to explore the world for specific biomes in which some bosses are located, and the further from the spawn point (middle of the world), the more difficult the game becomes. (VS, like minecraft, forces the player to be in the same place all the time until the end of the game.) I see classes here in VS, maybe it is worth adding RPG elements like leveling up?
And about the village: how about the idea that a player can create a house with certain conditions (like in a Terraria or Starbound) and an npc will appear in it. But you can give him your armor, the necessary tools and food so that he fulfills his role (for example, harvesting and transferring it to abmar for other residents of your village or kingdom). I liked creating my own base in Starbound with NPC's (in fact, it was your base with your subordinates), but there was practically no way to interact with them (there are no levels for them, orders,  they just walked, don't defend anything and could not die, and it was also in 2D). If you played Banished game, you might understand me. Maybe VS should take a lot from this game.
I think that with these ideas the game will become more lively and rich and will make the player stay in it for a long time. 

Thank you for reading.

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