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Add “spawnChanceByDepth”


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As the title indicates, I’d like to have the option to set spawn chances by depth.

it could look something like this:

spawnChanceByDepth: {
    “0-.2”: 2,

    “.2-.4”: 1.75,

    “.4-.6”: 1.25,

    “.6-.8”: 1.25,

    “.8-2”: 1


Value in “ “ is percentage of vertical world  height from mantle,   and number value given is a modifier for the set spawn rate in the entity’s spawnChance property.

In the example given, spawnChanceByDepth property doubles the spawn chances for all entities that are set to spawn at a depth within 20% of world height from mantle, chances are 75% higher within 20%-40% height from mantle, and so on.

Wanting more dynamic drifter spawn condition options, and thought this would be interesting to play with if we had it…


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