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Late game clay firing

Jon Engen

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With the exciting news we're getting about 1.15, I'm looking forward to the Homesteading features mentioned such as fruit trees, pies, and pit kilns. While pit kilns always felt fantastic for being able to hodge-podge something together, as the game goes on and the crafting of each of these would become tedious for larger batches, I would like to offer my little suggestion for late game clay firing:

Some kind of multiblock structure with vented floors to act as an oven.. something fireproof.. What if we could use the Refractory block building we already have to make steel as a way of providing an 18 block space to fire clay products over the span of, say, 6-12 hours? Perhaps even with an option to allow use of  any fire brick blocks to make it, like the coke oven does so you don't need to invest in a pulverizer, but still require an iron door.

Thank you for anyone who has taken the time to read this and I would welcome your feedback or criticisms of the proposition.


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