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Did 1.15 make any changes to Drifter Mob Cap/stability restored on kill?


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I just recently downloaded 1.15, and a few nights later I was mobbed by around 20 tainted drfiters(My stability decayed quite fast, I'm not sure if it is faster than before, but it feels like it. The # is not an exaggeration). The wiki says only 7 can be spawned at once. While i don't have an exact #, it was around 20 and most definitely more than 7, and they all were tainted. Did the 1.15 update change it/is this a bug? Additionally, when I killed them, they seemed to restore far less stability than before the update. Again, intended change or bug?

I wish I got a screenshot, but I was busy being mauled to death by 20 tainted drifters.

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