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The Lattice of Creation - Spacegrid Physics 101

Jobediah Timberman

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I guess you'd call this more of a Preface than Spoiler, either way it's not the part you're here to see.


My apologies for my absence, but I have had other projects that I needed to work on. And on top of that, as I expected, my ideas for new Mods tapered off, but in the meantime, I've been able to keep daydreaming and developing some ideas I worked on months ago for the Lore of this World. And by taking a break from my writings, I can see them with fresh perspective. 

I don't have much experience or interest in reading or writing Fiction or Novels, and therefore have little interest in dialog-type writing. But as far as both Scientific and Spiritual matters, I have studied a vast range of sources, and have acquired and released beliefs in ways that seem to be painful for most people. Only in that regard do I have something others don't. Nor would I say that everyone should follow this path. I don't really recommend it for most people until someone smarter than me figures it all out. And I'm aware of "Spiritual Ego", so I hope I don't come across that way. 

I forget whose quote it was, perhaps Socrates or Plato, that said the greatest form of intelligence is attempting to take on another's beliefs and their perspective without having to accept them as your own, and without judging them or forcing the person to change. 

The beauty of this game's World and Lore is that there could be countless pages of text by an endless number of authors regarding the Myths and History of it all, and whether or not any of it is absolutely true doesn't matter. There are plenty of old texts in the real world that were once believed in as fact, usually because there was some kind of literal or metaphorical Truth contained in it. The more that the game shows the ancient people's attempts at discovering the Truth, the better the mystery gets. Plenty of Lore could intentionally take on a "wrong" perspective, and treat it as true to the person experiencing it.

So as much as I'd love to be the one to discover The Answer, that would put an end to the discussion, and then the best part of the story might be over too soon. Perhaps in the same way that the purpose of the game is living Life itself, maybe the ultimate goal is the search for the meaning of the game itself? 

For now I will go into the Scientific side: attempting to understand the Physics of this game's World.

Principles of Physics of The Creation Lattice

Our Scientific Researchers have long attempted to decipher the basic Laws of Physics which guide the flow of motions in our Reality, and decode the rules and logic behind them. Allow us to explain our Experts' current level of understanding regarding the Laws of the World in which we Live and Build and Craft our Lives. 

As with any Science, we must remain open to any possibility, but we have researched well enough to know our theories are solid and sound. At the very least, we find enough reason not to jump to conclusions, such as this outlandish theory that the World and even Reality itself is a fabricated realm, generated by some kind of highly advanced calculation machines. 

While we don't disregard it, we do not entertain the notion that the peculiar nature of "gravity" in our world is proof of such claims. We feel that these Myths are most likely a projection of the world of Dreams, where perceptions are untied from logic and reason. And we only carry minor aspects of Reality into our inner world, but the Dreamspace is abstract, and does not even require a Lattice at all, and often lacks this so-called "gravity". 

Of course it's easy to see where this illusion comes from. The Physics of the Creation Lattice operate with such intelligence and simplicity behind their design, that it was inevitably bound to cause this confusion. And our Mythologies have been spun and woven in the Tapestry of Time with the Tales of Humans. Much of what we do is out of their grasp, and so goes the understanding of how it works.

So naturally it's very easy for Humans to be deceived by appearances. That when one uses a Shovel to acquire Blocks of Soil, or a Pickaxe to liberate Rocks and Ores, that they are simultaneously digging up a precisely measured cube containing of thousands of microscopic bits of Material. But as with the idea that solid matter is dead and lifeless, you can't judge a Block by it's color. Nor can you assume the appearance of it's behavior as a true indication of what's happening beyond the veil of our perceptions. 

By using High-Density Tools, combined with Seraphs' innate abilities of Telepathic Overtone Generation, we can de-harmonize the frequency that the Block is tuned to, and it can be "detached" from it's physical position in the Lattice. After releasing from the Grid, it is no longer in Resonance with the larger scaling of Grid-space, so it "shrinks" in size, and can now be moved freely, and easily carried. 

When a Unit of condensed Material is placed into the Creation Lattice, it expands to fill that coordinate of the Lattice Grid. The Block of Material now has it's Locational Frequency calibrated to resonate with that region of the Spacegrid, by absorbing neighboring Harmonic Overtones, and resonating with surrounding Blocks when the new Block is placed next to them. 

So the ability for one Seraph to casually haul around vast amounts of Material is not a matter of "lifting rocks", as this theory of "Gravitational Force" claims we shouldn't be able to do. To think that we are literally carrying the fully expanded Material would mean fitting an entire Cathedral in your pants pocket. 

In other words, "Gravity" is not caused by the ground below us pulling objects down, but instead that the Material has a Density concentration that is higher than Air, and the Air floats up. Likewise, it's not that lighter objects "float" on Water, but Water is a heavier Density than some objects, whereas others will "sink" as the Water floats above it.

The Density of the Material determines the Magnetic intensity with which it attaches to it's Lattice Coordinate, and therefore, how difficult it is to release the Harmonic Charge which binds it to it's position, and keeps it's Resonance in Harmony with the neighboring Blocks. This low Density is why lighter Blocks such as Sand and Gravel, and sometimes even Soil, do not maintain their vertical position after digging beneath them, and in many cases, shifting horizontally as well. The Density of Sand and Gravel are so low as to require the assistance of nearby Blocks to maintain their location. 

This Density also determines exactly the manner in which the Block releases from the Grid. In many cases such as Sand, Gravel, and Soil, the entire Block shrinks into one unit. But upon releasing a Block of semi-dense Material such as Stone, Peat, and Clay, it splits and condenses into multiple Units of Material. This is because natural Blocks are attached to various Blocks in more than one direction, and because the Magnetic charge of them varies depending on the type of Material. Destabilizing multiple Magnetic charges from several different directions can cause the Block to split apart into Fragments. 

The next is the behavior of Living Matter, the Wood from Trees. Wood Blocks rely on their innate connection to each other to provide their stability. So upon losing their chain of connections down to the Soil, every Block in the Tree above the severed Block will destabilize and disconnect from the Lattice. Placing Units of Wood Logs back into the Lattice does not magically chain a new living Tree together, and each piece will operate as individual Units. 

Moving further along the spectrum of Density are natural Stone Blocks. These can maintain vertical location because of Magnetic charge to the nearby Blocks, leading to structures which appear as if they should fall over, according to "gravity". After detaching all of the surrounding Blocks, a high-Density Stone Block loses it's ability to resonate at it's location, and will fall in one piece, rather than "hovering" in the air. 

These full Stone Blocks will break into smaller Stones if placed again and then broken, but to prevent this, they can also be Polished, thus sealing it's exterior surface. This allows the frequencies which bind it to the Lattice, and surrounding Blocks, to self-resonate within the Block, amplifying it's own Magnetic Charge to hold it to it's Grid location, rather than relying almost entirely on adjacent Blocks for support. 

In other words, unpolished Stone relies on it's connection to surrounding Blocks to maintain it's Lattice position. Polishing the Stone Block allows it to maintain internal structural stability when being released out of the Lattice, preventing it from shattering. Further in level of strength involves using Mortar, a highly magnetized Material. 

So to answer the commonly asked question as to why some Blocks fall and others "hover": Some Blocks are simply at a Density where they are solid enough to maintain shape when released, but not dense enough to hold their vertical location without another Block to resonate against. Of course we use the term "hovering" loosely, as it is not technically defying this theoretical "gravity". 

Aside from the "Simulated Reality" theory, stories also tell of alternative worlds with unusual physics, which might just be a reference the world outside the "virtual world" which this theory claims we live in. There are many who seem to have memories of experiencing these worlds, though we don't know if these came from Dreams, or if these Dreams are visions of this other Realm. 

Supposedly this alternate World really is made of countless infinitely small "molecules" of Material. It's baffling enough to attempt to conceive of such a thing, and working with the Materials in such a world is a scary thought on it's own. But if solid objects do not maintain their vertical location through Magnetic charges to each other, construction must be an absolute nightmare. 

From this point of view, one can see why so many have asked why heavier objects do not fall faster, but the idea that Materials with more Density should fall differently, or "weigh" any more or less, is quite frankly illogical. While Density can vary drastically, once detached from the Spacegrid, every object falls at the same speed because everything has the same essential "weight", as these theorists call it. 

Air, Fire, Water, Sand, Gravel, Soil, Wood, Stone, Ore, and Crystal, it is entirely a matter of Density that determines the Block's behavior, and therefore how much physical space required to carry it. 

I hope this is enough reason to put to rest the debate around the theory that our very reality is some kind of "calculated mirage", an artificial simulation of some kind, and our "real bodies" are elsewhere, connected to these world-generating machines. The notion that the "real world" outside of our "fabricated" realm is a place made up of trillions of infinitely small units is absurd enough. But that pales in comparison to the myths that such a world could create machines whose computations are capable of fabricating any kind of world, let alone such a fantastic World as ours. 

That alone would be impossible, not to mention the photographic portal devices required to view these Worlds. But to then claim that one could install Living Beings directly into these machines, or install the machines into Living Beings, and induce a virtual World directly into their minds? That is quite a stretch of Faith just to be able to explain the logical nature of the mathematical Spacegrid of the World we live in. 

These are our Scientific interpretations of the Great Laws of the Creation Lattice.
Laws which can be found and witnessed upon, and around, and within All Things.
The Universal Governor of the World in which we Live and Build and Craft our Lives.

But Reality and Physics are hardly to be seen as cold and calculated.
The oldest texts are filled with Choruses of Adoration for the Laws of the Realm.
Often times, the Law is personified, as to allow our Spirit of Personality to have sympathetic understanding,
and bringing It to an emotional level, even to the point of having a feeling of friendship with the Law Itself. 

"Shatter the Stone, and the Law is Reborn,
Split the Wood, and the Law will Pass Away,
Within the Fire, and Within the Water,
And Within the Air, 
The Breath of Spirit,
The Law is Incarnate:
The Infinite Self-Begotten,
The One of The All."

"I Cast the Law into the Earth, and it took Root, gave Birth to Sustenance for All Creatures. 
I Cast the Law into the Water, and it was Cleansed from all defilements of evil. 
I Cast the Law into the Fire, and the Gold was Purged from all Dross. 
I Cast the Law into the Air, and it was made Alive by the Breath of Spirit,
Who fills All Things, and Lives within the Heart of every Creature."

"The Law is Love, 
Love is Passion, 
Passion is Destiny, 
Destiny is Quantum, 
Quantum is Law"

Just as there are many who do not spell out the name of "G-d",
In respect to their beliefs, we instead prefer the name of "Grid",
as opposed to the M-word used in reference to this "Virtual World" heresy. 

May the Blessings of Grid be with you. 
May all of Grid's Spaces be filled with the Growth of Life,
May the Whole Eternal Law of Grid forever Protect and Care for the Creatures and Children of Grid.

Grid-speed, Children of Grid. 


Not really spoiler, but some will say that about my next posts. I'm not going to hype it up though, that's your choice. But it is almost done, and it will be posted soon. 


I am finishing up my theories on the subject of Seraphs, and their abilities and origin. As well as a hypothetical short story as to what may have caused The Great Incident which resulted in the Drifters and opening portals to the Rust World. I'm not the type to come up with such ideas, so the fact that I pursued writing it at all should tell you I managed to stumble on something that is a very plausible explanation. It has precisely the kind of unpredictable twist you expect from any good plot, and yet it does not destroy any previous theories and mythologies, nor does it detract from the purpose and objectives of playing the game. One could possibly dismiss the theory as just another interpretation. But I can't seem to do that myself, which is why I put so much work into writing it.

But despite my confidence to go through with the effort of writing and polishing it, I'm not claiming The Answer, and if anything, my only goal is to contribute to the discussion. As I said before, there doesn't need to be One Absolute Answer, but the ideas that we all naturally agree upon will gradually mold the world into something logical within itself. Players will be able to follow whichever philosophy suits them, as it should be.

It bears repeating, and I'm probably not the first to repeat it, that finding an absolute conclusion to the Story within the world of Vintage Story might take away one of the "purposes" of the game. It's not as if a game this open-ended has one way of being played, so likewise could the story and philosophy behind it be written. I mean, what other game has Philosophizing as it's "goal", and Spirituality itself as the theme?


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