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Seraphic Abilities and Realm of Origin

Jobediah Timberman

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These beings known as "Seraphs" appear to be similar to Humans in many ways, but mostly in their physical appearance, as they are Spiritually endowed with some peculiar qualities. Not all Humans would want these traits, or at least, the positives don't outweigh the negatives for everyone. There might be an equal number of Seraphs who would have rather been human. 

While the differences in the Material World are distinct, on the Spiritual Plane is where they diverge. Seraphs appear to be guided by some kind of outside source, a higher awareness and insight. Almost as if they are able to view themselves from an out-of-body perspective. Perhaps more significant is their ability to both conceive of and manipulate abstract ideas entirely within their minds. Concepts which are often incomprehensible to Humans, which to them, equates to being unnecessary additions to Life's list of requirements. 

We see this "external" influence in all the works the Seraphs create, between their architecture itself and the tools to create it. They are always trying to reach levels of creativity far beyond the purpose of simple utilities for mere survival. Many of them even design their smallest domiciles with exaggerated and superficial details which serve no real functional purpose. 

Creatures whose awareness is closely aligned to the Material World usually pay little mind to the origin and construction of these extraneous edifices. Except of course for what advantage these architectures provide to survival, but even then, they may grow bored and roam or migrate onward. 

The Human Traders can thrive happily thanks to the help of Seraph capabilities in mining and harvesting resources. And in return for their work in distributing supplies, Seraphs provide them with works of astonishing architecture. Humans are only capable of building simpler and more primitive structures, just enough to suit their utilitarian needs, and are fully satisfied with doing so. Seraphs are not satiated with mere survival, as their thirst for creativity still remains unquenched. Therefore a Seraph will spend years constructing grandiose Mansions and Temples, sometimes just so that they alone can sit back and look at them with enormous satisfaction. 

There is a quality to their endeavors that feel as if all the work they do is mandatory, regardless of anyone else's ability to see the purpose. Sometimes they can't quite explain it either. Often responding with an archaic and "Sacred" phrase, a terminology which most of them can't fully translate to others. At least not until recently, as our Science has finally made progress in doing so. But Science is highly reluctant to validating things we consider to be the realm of Myths. And yet the more we try to prove ourselves right, the more we end up proving the Truth was always there.

One of the other traits that separates them from Humans is, ironically, their connection to each other. They possess the ability to communicate with fellow Seraphs from across long distances, using the power of their minds alone. 

Which almost makes sense, considering everything else about them. Despite being fully capable of interacting with the Material World, they will often vanish for long periods of time. But they don't seem to have become invisible, as there is no indication that an unseen force is causing "ghostly" interactions with the world, nor has anyone heard the disembodied voices of a Seraph. 

And yet at the same time, the Seraphs themselves seem to be guided by a disembodied voice, as if there is a Spirit watching over them, giving them their intuitive insight, and empowering their creativity. But their behavior and personality, and the way these powers are utilized, never indicates conclusively that all of this is something other than a subconscious aspect of themselves. In a strange literal sense it seems as if each of them really is a "Nation of Magicians".

While the Mythology says that it is this connection to some other higher intelligence which fuels their visionary endeavors, Science always looks for concrete explanations. The modern Scientific Theory of Parallel Timelines of the Multi-Verse could very well fill in the gaps. In some other future Timeline, all of the imaginative works of the Seraphs are already finished. Perhaps they simply possess the ability to see beyond the restrictions of Time itself: that on the Spiritual Plane, these Seraphs are not so restrained by the limitations of linearity. 

What they're seeing and hearing is not actually some "other" intelligence that is "speaking" to them, but they are viewing glimpses of another instance of themselves. Somewhere out there, all of the Homes, Temples, and Cathedrals they envision have always existed, and when they find the proper location, it's simply time for them to get back to work. Yet they never show any sign of boredom, as if every part of it is a genuinely new experience. Either that or their Love and Passion are so endlessly driven that they never tire of fulfilling their Purpose.

Often times the moment when a Seraph chances upon the right location, they immediately start building the Mansion of their dreams. But it's not because they've never seen anything like it before, but that the "memory" they are feeling isn't from this Timeline. To their physical Mind it is new, but to their Soul, they know that have found Home once again. 

It's confouding enough to understand the subject of Home regarding these beings, but as for the Source they originated, things get even more confusing. The more ancient myths tell of another "place" beyond our World that defies all description. A dimension of pure Light-Matter they call the Crystalline. 

Oddly enough, assuming that these myths were to be fact, this might be the only logical explanation as to where these Seraphs come from. Or if anything, it's the source of their otherworldly abilities and peculiar ambitions. 

And yet the only place we can see in our physical world that could be the location of this Crystalline Realm doesn't make rational sense either: That this Realm of Light is actually located upon, or within, the very Sun itself. 

Impossible as it may sound to be literal, the metaphorical descriptions make sense. After all, the Sun is a source of endless Light and warmth, whose beams fragment into the glorious Rainbow, and shower the World with endless energy of Life, which feeds the crops which become our sustenance. And these are all descriptions attributed to this Crystalline Realm, but whether literally or figuratively, we don't know yet. 

Anyone who claims to have been in this Realm reports the same description, that it borders on Reality and Dreamspace. And while few have been there for more than a moment, it is a place where thoughts can manifest into visible things just as easily as observing something evokes a thought. Sounds can be seen, sights can speak volumes, and scents contain centuries of experience. A glimpse of a single meaningful symbol can teach lifetimes of wisdom. 

It's no wonder there is such a fascination with Translocators, beyond their physical purpose. There are also many who believe that these Devices provide us with a split-second chance to witness this Realm. Even to experienced Travellers, it's such an unfamiliar spectacle that the mind can't translate it, and usually only sees it as incomprehensible noise. 

But it is still as beautiful as it sounds. There is an enormous, unparalleled sense of other-worldly awe to it, no matter how many times they almost witness it. Some Travellers even design their lives around using Translocator devices on a frequent basis, just as an excuse to keep trying to see and feel that "place". 

But we're still not even sure if this Realm is an actual location, or if simply being in that temporary state outside of Space-Time opens up something within the mind itself. In the moment of Translocation the mind is unconnected from external stimuli, and could very well be seeing into their own imaginations.

But then that simply leads us back toward deciphering the meaning of that archaic terminology that we tried to dismiss as Myth. The Sacred phrase which the Ancient Seraphs have always used, when no other explanation would suffice: "I, Magi-Nation." 

As for the subject of Telepathic Overtone Generation, that concept almost seems somewhat tame compared to the rest of the qualities of Seraphs. You usually don't hear it while they work, because they can perform it internally with the same effect. But learning the physical skill of Throat Singing helps them train and enhance their mental capacity to generate these Harmonic Overtone "melodies", but they do not need to generate these Tones out loud to manipulate Matter the way that they do. 

More explanation on the subject is in the works. First will be the current Scientific Theory as to the origin of the Drifter, and the catastrophe that created The Incident. 

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