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Help with Bighorn Sheep lactation/mating cycle please! (1.15.2)


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I'm currently losing my mind slowly here. As far as I understand (and close to how it is in the real world), after giving birth, the ewe will lactate for up to 20 days. It will say how long in the Info Box ("Lactating for 19 days."). I am aware that ewe's won't be milkable every day. HOWEVER. I was under the impression that the lactation period has to end before the ewe can get pregnant again. In my games they give milk for 2-3 days and then suddenly switch to "Will be able to mate in less than 3 days" and cease lactating and start consuming food until they have eaten 10 portions in order to get pregnant. I have already tried taking away their feed so they can't eat 10 portions of food, but of course that doesn't help because they stop lactating as soon as that message appears. I have not tried to remove the ram more than 10 squares away, though, yet. Because it is a hassle. :) 

I am not using any mods changing animal behaviour whatsoever.

Anyone please care to give me the nitty-gritty on how this works?

Thank you loads!

EDIT: Someone else noticed too and has opened an issue on the GitHub issue tracker.

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