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Fredrik Blomquist

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I made a similar suggestion before, but was a little less specific, and also talked about other things. Regarding this addition should be pretty easy to implement and still bring a lot to the game, i thought i bring it up again.



1. Fly agaric mushroom - change the mushroom so that it deals 10 hp damage, cooked or not. How you do with stews with fly agaic i'm not sure. But personally i think it would be nice if you really cant tell before eating if its poisonous or not.

2. Ad Destroying angel - should work the same as Fly agaric mushroom, only look like a field mushroom. The mushrooms display there name anyway, but it would make mixups a little more likely.

3. Ad gyromitra - could work the same as Fly agaric mushroom today. That would have to come with some new graphics, but it should be some generic gyromitra so it doesn't have to be fancy.

4. Some other mushrooms - if you ad a chanterelle it doesn't have to be fancy, you can use field mushroom graphic and paint it yellow.


It would be nice with some specific jungle mushrooms, and have some interesting variants, but i guess that would take some more work.

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Just spotted the post that was made on discord two days before this, that looks even nicer 🙂 Seems like they have plans for some pylopore mushrooms as well - like that. They are really not eatable but perhaps you could add other uses for mushrooms. The only use i quickly can think of is tinder fungus that's used for fire starters and preserving smouldering.

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