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A big enemy to fit the theme; Shantaks.


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Given Vintage Story is a more eldritch and steampunk game, why not get some more eldritch creatures in? I would love something that flies and is fast, but not akin to the standard hostile birds of my other post; 

From the wiki entry with them; 

"Shantaks are a species of flying bird-like creatures. They are larger than elephants in size, and are said to have heads resembling those of horses and lay eggs of colossal size and rich flavor. Very few humans are known to have seen them in person."

Perhaps as a rarer, strong enemy similar to encountering a wolf within your first few days; Large, horse-bird creatures with scales would be honestly horrifying to encounter, and could be a nice source of materials for strong "wild" armour. 

Not boss-like for strength, but definitely stronger than your usual drifter. Perhaps use the Corrupt Drifter for a baselines for stats, but with more defense and a higher seek range. 

If a boss fight is desired like it says on the roadmap ("High-stakes boss fights"), a large group of them could have made residence in a large-scale ruins area, and they'll have more attacks. Maybe even picking you up and throwing you instead of just a ram or pecking attack. 

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