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  1. Just a small animal to have around because it's a sorta rustic/eldritch-y world that'd make sense, even for just more life in the world. Could have normal crows and ravens flying around certain areas like ruins or forests and they drop feathers, maybe some metal nuggets and such suuuuper rarely. No bones cause bird. But there could always be some more peculiar ravens that actually do some things. Red-eyed birds or ones with some interesting features that set them aside from the rest that could work like the Bell a bit, making enemies come towards it as they spot you at night. They
  2. I agree above at the notion that we need better ranged options first. Atalatl could be fun to make the spears have more range/more power for a primitive way to improve spear-throwing. There's also variations of bows to make, and with the sorta steampunk/early-colonial era Vintage Story seems to have, stuff like an arbalest (a crank-strung crossbow) would fit right in. Slow to reload, but dang is it strong. Meanwhile your simple longbow or recurve bow would be faster, but would suffer a bit when it comes to stopping power.
  3. A foe that only appears with Temporal Storms should be able to move with them well to a degree; Some sort of flying enemy. Perhaps to fit with the eldritch-y theme, some sort of temporal specter that flies in the skies and tries to stab at you or throws things down at you that specifically harms stability more than HP like said above? If you want a "stronger" one that only appears in severe storms, maybe add some status effect that can make Drifters able to sense you better if you get hit by one of their ranged attacks? It would stop people from just pillaring during temporal storm
  4. While I do hope that the "Homesteading" is the main theme, I do hope we get some more wild threats. Bears, blackberry bushes pricking us, poison ivy, etc. I get it's meant to be an eldritch-y game, but of course nature itself will always be harmful.
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