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  1. I did give a few posts for my ideas for Temporal Storms. In a nutshell; Rust mechanic. Basically, temporal storms damaging metal weapons, armour and blocks. Instead of over time, perhaps an enemy that spawns in them can do so with each hit it lands. Temporal storm enemies that drop unique things, or at least rare items that aren't as rare here. I thought of a sort of spectre/wraith enemy garbed in hide that you could build stitched-together armour that's fairly decent and prevents your weapons and tools from decaying as much if you're hit by their attacks. It'd stop people from just making pillars, as these foes would be able to hit you if you're atop them still.
  2. Atlatl would greatly improve spear-throwing and would be a fun thing to spend time making. Requiring a proper amount of sticks + fibers/yarn/feathers (Any of the three) and seperate recipes for different kinds. Standard; Boosts range + damage. Large; Allows you to fire two spears at once, but has less range. Hunter; High range + extra damage to prey animals, standard damage to mobs.
  3. Given Vintage Story is a more eldritch and steampunk game, why not get some more eldritch creatures in? I would love something that flies and is fast, but not akin to the standard hostile birds of my other post; From the wiki entry with them; "Shantaks are a species of flying bird-like creatures. They are larger than elephants in size, and are said to have heads resembling those of horses and lay eggs of colossal size and rich flavor. Very few humans are known to have seen them in person." Perhaps as a rarer, strong enemy similar to encountering a wolf within your first few days; Large, horse-bird creatures with scales would be honestly horrifying to encounter, and could be a nice source of materials for strong "wild" armour. Not boss-like for strength, but definitely stronger than your usual drifter. Perhaps use the Corrupt Drifter for a baselines for stats, but with more defense and a higher seek range. If a boss fight is desired like it says on the roadmap ("High-stakes boss fights"), a large group of them could have made residence in a large-scale ruins area, and they'll have more attacks. Maybe even picking you up and throwing you instead of just a ram or pecking attack.
  4. Hide shelters/tents are a great idea! Plenty of ways to make a hunter-gatherer lifestyle plausible early on while looking for areas to set up.
  5. It'd be very cool for enemies to actually have an ability that can make tools rusty, actually. Or heavier Temporal Storms, even.
  6. I like the idea of a large quern, making it a more "modern" thing, I guess. I like being able to advance production of things when they're not astronomical automation or similar, but a windmill with a large output would be great for dye, grain and more.
  7. This is on the to-do list, according to their roadmap, and I hope it comes soon. Logs and such for mushrooms would work as well, especially for edible shelf fungus.
  8. Trader Density would be a nice setting. That way you can make it "pure" or more populated.
  9. For sure! They'd make nice decor and accessories.
  10. Oh I just saw this...I adorrrre it~ Lovely work! owo I am excited for the pies and bread the most~
  11. Gryphens and stuff I cannot see in this game, sadly. Buuuuut I do like the tree o3o
  12. If there's gonna be biome-specific grass and flowers, edible ones'll be fun. Dandelion greens for salads. Dandelion roots for coffee/tea substitutes. Dandelion flowers for alcohol (Yes, that's a thing.) Honeysuckle flowers for a snack. Good old Lavender.
  13. Just a small animal to have around because it's a sorta rustic/eldritch-y world that'd make sense, even for just more life in the world. Could have normal crows and ravens flying around certain areas like ruins or forests and they drop feathers, maybe some metal nuggets and such suuuuper rarely. No bones cause bird. But there could always be some more peculiar ravens that actually do some things. Red-eyed birds or ones with some interesting features that set them aside from the rest that could work like the Bell a bit, making enemies come towards it as they spot you at night. They'd be another "support" enemy, not doing much for attacking, but still being a good idea to take out and maybe hunt for some materials if you're desperate. Maybe they could even mess with Temporal Stability and/or come during Temporal Storms for the rare ravens that're more of an enemy. And to further make the normal crows and ravens more interesting, could make them go after anything shiny that you drop on the ground. Metal nuggets, for example. If you want some more "Aggressive" birds, buzzards, vultures and similar can be a bit more angry, especially if you get close to something that died. But that'd probably wait until a wasteland is added in.
  14. I agree above at the notion that we need better ranged options first. Atalatl could be fun to make the spears have more range/more power for a primitive way to improve spear-throwing. There's also variations of bows to make, and with the sorta steampunk/early-colonial era Vintage Story seems to have, stuff like an arbalest (a crank-strung crossbow) would fit right in. Slow to reload, but dang is it strong. Meanwhile your simple longbow or recurve bow would be faster, but would suffer a bit when it comes to stopping power.
  15. A foe that only appears with Temporal Storms should be able to move with them well to a degree; Some sort of flying enemy. Perhaps to fit with the eldritch-y theme, some sort of temporal specter that flies in the skies and tries to stab at you or throws things down at you that specifically harms stability more than HP like said above? If you want a "stronger" one that only appears in severe storms, maybe add some status effect that can make Drifters able to sense you better if you get hit by one of their ranged attacks? It would stop people from just pillaring during temporal storms for shelter, that's for sure. Make it low HP so it's not annoying to fight or make it slow down while it's about to attack, and you have something that isn't as annoying to fight. For drops...perhaps some hide scraps that can be stitched together or used for some other primitive weapons and such? Could also be neat for "patchwork clothes" and similar for cheap, on-the-fly equipment.
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