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Locust dropping Loot


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I would realy like it if Locust would actualy drop some Loot instead of just being an annoyance.

I had several ideas for drops:

- metal nuggets (tinbronze for bronze locust and blackbronze or lead for corrupt locust or random metal from corrupt locust)

- rusty gears, scrap, metal parts, temporal gears (they are actual machines so it would make sense)

- some kind of new lightsource ( their butts glow in the dark so it would make sense)

- coal

- fragment of a bell (rare drop that can be combined to summon a bell)

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22 hours ago, Silent Shadow said:

They kinda do.

Their nests can be harvested for scrap which can be sold to one of the traders. If you kill the deadly sawblade locust you can get gears and scrap. Supposedly the bell locust is similar.

Sawblades and bells are pretty rare thou and it just feels frustrating to kill 10 locusts to destroy their nests just to recieve some coal - the only reason im killing locust right now is to harvest the metalspikes (the hanging ones actualy drop as a metalspike-item)

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