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Clay+Misc. Mod files


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what I have of my old mod that I was trying to fix but I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment with a lot of other non game related things.

these are the files I had most of it used to work at one point but I don't have the time to go through it all over again.

feel free to look at what I was trying to do and to try getting it functioning again if you like.

at the very least I had hoped to get the clay spawning and everything related to the clay working. it was working but spawned in every biome instead of only certain ones.

though the clay patches spawned well and it mostly all worked exception of a mold I was working on.

an example of where I wanted the clay to spawn is this.  when you walk around you find little stones on the surface depending on what biome your in the stones change. sometimes they would be basalt stones others chert and so on I wanted the related clay to only spawn in the biomes you found there respective stones spawning on the surface.

if anyone wants to take this and try getting it functioning go ahead. there are a bunch of textures and stuff already done. since a most of it was already working in previous versions of the game the fixes shouldn't be too hard for anyone knowing what they are doing. It might even be simpler than I think.


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