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Linux OpenTK input camera skew bug


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After not playing for many months due to this old bug I just fired up 1.15.5 and saw that it's still present.


Any press of a key or mouse button has a chance of snapping the view to a different direction.

The affected keys/mouse buttons change, but once affected they remain so for awhile. The view can snap to any direction but the snap direction remains constant until something happens (opening a menu?) that causes it to change.

Depending on the keys/mouse buttons affected, this bug can make the game unplayable.

Systems affected

Linux, all configurations; possibly MacOS.


According to this old post on reddit by /u/koppeh:


There's been an issue with mouse input on certain platforms (I believe OSX) and Wayland for a while now. The game is using an old version of OpenTK and trying to fiddle with the code to fix it for one platform but not affect the others might be difficult - if possible at all. We might look into back-porting newer OpenTK code to our version, which uses GLFW for every platform from the looks of it.


None known. Contrary to a post on the reddit thread, it does happen on the standard Xorg desktop running Gnome.


Issue with mouse controls 1.14.2 Thread on this forum from December, 2020.

Issue with new update on Linux! Old Reddit thread.


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