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More & Location Specific Ambiance

Dan the Man

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I am a huge stickler for immersive and ambient sounds in games; it helps sell the whole experience. A great example of what I mean is The-Between-Lands mod for Minecraft. There's a symphony of noises and animal sounds that brings you to that place and surrounds you. 

I don't know if some of these are already planned/implemented.
Some specific things could be:

  • crickets/cicadas chirping
  • frogs bellowing
  • bugs in swamps
  • birds songs
  • water dipping in caves
  • echoes in caves
  • sticks cracking when you step on them
  • wind rushing over mountains
  • larger wave sounds for larger water bodies
  • trees creaking in the wind
  • rattlesnakes in desserts
  • loose pebbles falling in caves/mountains
  • etc.

Basically whatever animals aren't added into the game, make them into environment sounds, and more auditory cues from the diverse landscape.

loving the game so far! :]


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