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Cattle Grid


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Ah, had to google up what an actual cattle grid was. Sorry on that part.
I like the idea, but it sounds a lot like how a fence or gate would function. A block that entities can not pass over. Though I imagine it would be a bit difficult to implement without altering the AI of animals. Because with their current AI, they will press against a closed off fence gate but get nowhere because it's closed, ergo acting as a solid immovable object. I'm no coder, or modder, so I have technically no right to say how difficult it is, or is not. But i imagine it would have to do with the AI to make it work correctly. Or maybe, an invisible gate atop that visually looking grid?

I've so far found a workaround to not having to constantly open and close the pen enclosure, and in turn possibly let a pig or goat escape because they're pressing against the gates... By placing two solid blocks into the fence line and adding stairs to it. So you just.. Hop over it. Takes away the risk of escaping animals, with the down side of it looking weird.

But the grid sounds like a visually more appealing solution to that issue. I like it.

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