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How to melt armor parts from bony soil?

Nii P.

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How can we (s)melt bronze armor parts, which we get from panning bony soil, into an ingot? The mouse-over says: "will smelt into 1 ingot of bronze", but the crucible doesn't accept it. Putting them direct in the fireplace, tells me, that "You need a container like a crucible to melt it". So, what? I checked google and VS Forum, I asked Hypi (a pro VS player on YTube), but no solution were found or given.  :(

Any ideas, or anyone who knows, how to melt these items?


Edit: Okay, seems I need to make a chisel to break it into chunks, and then I can smelt the chunks into an ingot for making the chisel... Kinda "back to the future" loop, so need a time machine as well, just to do this simple task, I guess... :)

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