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  1. Seems, it's not possible to craft a simple pan, when player uses kapok wood log in the crafting grid. If this is intended, I'm really missing logical explanation/exception in any starter guide, Wiki, beginners video, or similar. Otherwise, just take it as a bug report and an advice for fixing.
  2. I tried to "craft" a pan with one log and a knife in the crafting grid as shown in the handbook, but it doesn't show me a pan. Yes, I'm a newbie at this game, but after 50 hours play time, I crafted a lot of other things already w/o any problem, just the "magic" pan won't show up. I'm playing in warmer region, and tried with flint as well as copper knife and with a kapok wood log, which is the only one at this biome, besides bamboo. Is it not allowed to carve pans from kapok wood? It would be a really important tool in early game as it's quite easy to make and use, but impossible for an
  3. Yes it is, if you know it, but IMHO it's still undocumented. It took me also over 50 hours gameplay to find out. Maybe it's obvious for Minecraft players, but not everybody (including myself), must have played Minecraft before, to enjoy this game!.
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