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Tree roots system and woodcutting overhaul


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I decided to split my bunch of suggestions, so we can work out the ideas separately. First of all: Trees. 


I play with collapsing soil on an I think it's a really great feature. Makes mountain exploration more dangerous and more fun, because you constantly need to watch your step. 

Please don't take away this insecurity, it makes VS so unique! Also I think, that the mechanics have a good amount of randomness, so it stays unpredictable to a certain degree. That's great. 

I can even deal with the way to frequent landslides in dry, hilly regions. The laggspike hits my system hard, though. It is to common, to much at a time and quite unrealistic. 

(By the way, is it already so, that the dryness of a block is considered in the calculation, if the block collapses? If not, it should be considered) 

But what is the biggest sore in my eye is to see what happens when trees are located just at the edge of a plateau or at the side of a soil covered cliff. 

I have to deal with floating islands, that's enough physical nonsense for my brain to feel emersed. So why don't trees have roots? 


We need a soil block, that is not effected by gravity as much (if at all) and spawns in a specific pattern right at the bottom of each tree. It needs to be tougher than gravel, should be a bit harder to break than wood and should be harvestable only by axe or shovel (maybe by knife or saw, but really, really slow). On collapse, the block should drop a pice of normal soil (as would generate currently under trees) and either a stick or a new crafting material similar to sticks (maybe edible from some trees, just as reed roots but with less nutrients). 

In addition to that, in my opinion every tree should fall when they lose touch to the ground. Makes a great way of harvesting wood with a shovel. Maybe you can also increase the toughness of a root block, depending on how large the tree is, in order to maintain woodcuting with an axe as the main way of getting wood.


Next I would adress the manner in which trees collapse. In reality, the trunk crashes the ground, after which the lumberjack decomposes the tree in general. As great this would be, it would take too much time. How about this:

The blocks don't just turn pickable and fall to the ground, but rather turn to falling block entitys first, before you can pick them up. They could simply gain velocity in the direction, where the most axe hits came from or fall in the opposite direction then sawed. So you'd have to be more careful while woodcutting, in order to not get hurt. Also it takes a bit longer to pick up every leftover of this gargantuan redwood trees, would be a minor nerf to this overpowered trunks.

Talking of redwood, I think they should be tier 3 or 4 to chop down. Makes it to easy to collect large amounts of wood otherwise. I would love to see some resin on them to. Wouldn't be easy to access, because it needs to be harvested separately and you have to climb a bit, but would make sense.

Also I think, a tree should not break in the middle, just because your tool breaks. Is it completely impossible to save the chop state of a tree, at least for a day or so? They should fall or slowly recover. Not what they do now. Breaks my emersion a bit, every time.


All in all this suggestion could add a bit more depth to trees and wood cutting and make mountain climbing much more... Laggfree. 


Let me know of your opinion and feel free to ask questions.

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