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My Mods; Angel Belt, Ores O Plenty, Random Changes, et. al.


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Thought I'd create a thread for my mods as there might be some who want to ask questions or otherwise communicate.
Random Changeshttps://mods.vintagestory.at/randomchanges
Ores O Plentyhttps://mods.vintagestory.at/oresoplenty
Quartz Blocks: https://mods.vintagestory.at/quartzblocks
Rock Blocks: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/1376

Angel Belthttps://mods.vintagestory.at/angelbelt
Craft the belt and place in your belt slot, hit R to fly around. Works great for building big things.

The Nightwatcher: https://mods.vintagestory.at/nightwatcher
Adds the Nightwatcher, a cousin of the strawdummy who watches over your base and prevents Drifters from spawning around it in a configurable radius. Look for "watcher_config.json" in your ModConfig folder to change it. DOES NOT WORK DURING TEMPORAL STORMS 

Random Changes adds the Diamond Pickaxe, and the "World Eater" as the ultimate end-game mining tool. Dig 3x3 or 5x5 areas or entire sections of a vein of ore. Use F to select mode and have at it! 

Ore's O' Plenty mod now includes the Rock Sniffer! A tool that reports what Rock Types are below you. No heights, ores, or caves are reported, will also tell you if there's lava under you. I programmed the Rock Sniffer ON STREAM, check that out here:


Been streaming the game on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/FlexibleGames

The latest gameplay stream: 



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Random Changes released, Ores O Plenty Updated!
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  • Buggi changed the title to My Mods; Angel Belt, Ores O Plenty, et. al.
  • Buggi changed the title to My Mods; Angel Belt, Ores O Plenty, Random Changes, et. al.

Okay atm i'm looking for mods to add to my newest instance (1.15.9), as somebody who heavily makes use of different mods (but has no experience in making mods) i always have to be thinking about possible incompabilities and troubleshooting...

i like some changes of oresoplenty but others not so much... Are they toggleable (and if so how)? Haven't downloaded and tested the mod yet, only read the features...

The rocksniffer actually is the feature i'm interested in the most. (and afaik there is no other mod doing the same thing)

The basalt diamond ore is kinda unnecessary (and as we have kimberlite it's detrimental to the realism VS goes for) as diamond has not much of a use (i mean eventually if we get drills later or maybe for a saw, as you mentioned diamond pickaxe, that thing in reality would be as useful as a glass pickaxe).

The stacksizes could interfere with mods that change them (and others) too.

the change to skeps may be interesting for some casual players, but having filled barrel upon barrel with honey even without that not for me (but if instead you'd have added only beewax to the drops, that could have been interesting to me) and of course that is likely to interfere with mods that change other things around beekeeping, right?

More common terra pretta is nice to have, but hopefully it's not too common to completely nullify the usefullness of composting... as it changes world gen i hope it doesn't interfere with other mods changing it?

Firebricks are easy enough to make, forging stuff and processing iron bloom is easy enough (only speaking about the world up to 1.14 though just started a 1.15 world), i'm kinda unsure about the iron in crucible change, it more or less takes away a complete mechanic...

some ores i kinda find hard to get so more ore veins are welcome, though other ores are kinda abundant anyway and gemstones have little use... Other than that the same as with terra pretta how much could it interfere with other mods changing world gen?

As you mentioned of mining bags, do they change in any way? if yes, does that interfere with inventory overhaul mods?

i mean i understand why lava in VS isn't bucketable, the bucket is made out of wood after all, though maybe if we'd be able to make one out of steel? i mean lava is usually "only" between 700°C and 1200°C hot (hence the glowing steel bucket wouldn't be too hot to be handled by Seraphs)... And it would give steel more purpose (or maybe it's the first actual purpose it'd have?)... ^_^ The glowing lava bucket could be used as fuel and would result in a bucket of basalt, that you could clean out with a hammer resulting in, let's say 2 basalt stones and the bucket or you could throw the glowing bucket into water and get the bucket and 2 obsidian stones... But that's only some thoughts on the matter...

and what is meant with grass spreads? i mean it does that in vanilla anyway, so what changes?

I guess quartzblocks just adds some recipes? Can't think of any mod i've used before that it could interfere with...

Rockblocks is a bit too cheaty for my taste, i mean as long as you don't mindlessly mine rock you can get them rather easy anyway. though even then you tend to get stones without end, maybe a loose cobble stone block variant (looks like cobble but behaves like gravel) crafted without clay, that could be crushed into gravel (and with crushing gravel to sand you'd have an easy way of obtaining sand and gravel without destroying the surface too much)?


Oh and you mentioned streaming and modding on stream... Do you have a modding tutorial perhabs? Kinda something like "Modding VS without prior coding knowledge"?

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If you unzip any of my mods you can look through the files to see where the changes happen. I try to name the files with their primary purpose. Looking through them is highly encouraged as it will help teach you the format of simple Json mods and what the change is.  You can, of course, modify any mod to match your playstyle and interests. I encourage that. I get some might like processing Iron Blooms, but with the amount of steel I've been going through (just for Chisels alone!) I needed a LOT of iron for steel and you already have to process Blister Steel in exactly the same way. The change can be easily reversed.

Any other change with other mods all depends on the load-order of the mods.  
Terra Preta is a little more common, but not to crazy levels. Ore's O' Plenty took a LOT of updates and tweaking to get the values honed in. But I'm happy with the result. Gems, diamonds in particular, have a use now that they are required for my Diamond Steel pick and the World Eater. And I looked around my world for hours and hours to find Kimberlite and couldn't find it. So added diamond to basalt. Similar reason I added Olivine to other rock types. Keep these settings or reverse them is up to you. This is also why I made the Rock Sniffer mod. 

Getting lava buckable was a huge challenge in learning the mod system. Just getting it working was enough for me. But I may revisit and add a steel bucket now that I know HOW it works.

Quartz blocks adds the 'ancient' type blocks. My cathedral is made of them and needed a LOT and never found them anywhere in the game.

Rock Blocks IS cheaty, which is why it's a seperate mod. Using it is up to the player. Use the newly updated Quarry mod for an alternate way of getting these rocks.

Yes, I've streamed the game many times, streamed the modding process many times. Check out my past streams here:

Three of the streams have "modding" in the thumbnail, I'd suggest you try those first.

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