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Broken blocks don't drop anything .


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Info like here: https://github.com/anegostudios/VintageStory-Issues



**Game Version:** X.Y.Z  
**Platform:** Windows / Mac / Linux (which?)  
**Modded:** No / Yes (which?)  

### Description
Explain the issue you're running into.

### How to reproduce
1. Make a '....'
2. Use it on '....'
3. It crashes / doesn't do the thing.

### Expected behavior
If not obvious, what did you expect to happen?

### Screenshots
Attach a screenshot if it helps explain the issue / shows a visual bug.

### Logs
Paste crash between the triple backticks.

In the game's Logs folder you may be able to find more information
inside client-main.txt and server-main.txt. Alternatively, you may use
gist.github.com to upload logs, linking them here, if they're too large.


You can even make video to show it.


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